Vanilla+ Sky

Finally!  The kids have pets already.  They have been wanting a dog, but we find it so impractical to have one. Rabbits are way to prolific, it might be hard to take care of little ones when they become too many.  They agreed to have a cat, but somehow it never worked out.  A fish would not be one of the choices.

Since we were given a big cage by (Ate) Ruth and her family, we decided to buy a pair of lovebirds at Chatuchak market last Friday.

Ria chose the white one (male) — we named him Vanilla.

When Roi chose the light blue one, we decided to name her Sky.  The names were based on the colors, and NOT because we are fans of Tom Cruise or Penelope Cruz. LOL! :)

Surveying their new abode...
They seem to be not so in love yet... :)
Vanilla up close...
And Sky poses for us! Beautiful!

Every morning Ria and Roi take turns in feeding their new pets.  We love it that it has developed in them a strong sense of responsibility, and that they have little ones to look forward to seeing when they come home from school.

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19 thoughts on “Vanilla+ Sky”

  1. Good choice for a pet! lol! I would love to get my daughter a puppy too but I chose not to coz I know its just another thing to worry about. Kumabaga, dagdag trabaho. LOL!

    visiting from WW. :)

  2. We used to have love birds too. My elder daughter enjoyed them but as soon as all got busy with work and school, we decided to give the birds to my in laws. Hope you can also visit my post. Thanks!

  3. Wow lovebirds! We’d love to have a pair, too, but not while we are still renting an apartment. I’m sure it is too hassle. Pero si Triz would surely be delighted to have them!

    I love their names diay. Nice kaayo paminawon. 😀

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