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Ice Skating!

I have always been curious about ice skating.  It looks easy when you see someone do it, and it sure looks fun!  I wondered how I would fare if I tried.  After all, I was good in roller skating (ummm, back in the ’80s! Haha!).

It was one weekend that our team decided to check out Bangkok’s newest mall, Mega Bangna.  We did not know what to expect, except that it was going to be huge.

Well, what do you know? There is an ice skating rink there, and the kids were ecstatic!  They wanted to try.  Since Roi would be needing someone to assist him, I had to skate myself. Again, I had high expectations of myself, the used-to-be good roller skater. LOL! :)

Mega Bangna Mall-- the back portion connects with IKEA
I think I'm ready!
The rink awaits.. let's do it!
Co-homeschooler Zoe helping Roi balance
I had to rent this penguin stand (if that's what you call it) to help Roi get a good balance.
Pretty sisters Naomi and Zoe enjoying themselves. They are homeschooled with our kids

To be honest, I didn’t think I enjoyed that ice skating experience.  Truth be told, it’s not as easy and fun as it looks!  It would have been easier if I did roller blades rather than roller skates.  I fell on my behind twice, and my ego and pride fell with me. Haha!  Roi was so scared to move without me, and he kept falling himself.  If I were to suggest to the management of that ice skating rink, it would be best if there was a guide or a teacher for beginners like us.  It was hard to be with other seasoned skaters out there.  I would not mind paying a hundred baht at least for a person to take care of Roi and me while we practice.

So am I going to do it again?  Hmmm, not sure. Maybe I would rather sit on a bench somewhere with a good book! (Wait, am I sourgraping here?)

Yep, I guess I am! :)

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Workshop for our homeschoolers

Our homeschoolers were privileged to have an acting/public speaking workshop with our friend, G from the Philippines.  The best part?  The workshop was for free!  We went to the King’s Park for that– and discovering some parts of the park that we have never been to before was such a pleasant surprise!

G teaching our homeschoolers about the basics of public speaking
Our homeschoolers' teacher, Belle, also enjoyed herself
Our homeschoolers rendering a song

We did not make custom name tags for them– we did not think it was necessary because there were just 5 of them. But if we have to take the same workshop to the schools we are teaching at, we definitely would need some nametags so we could call on names whenever we need to!

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Our little sick boy

Roi had fever last week when we went downtown to celebrate their teacher’s birthday.  This reminds me, I have to blog about our trip. 😉

Now, he has dry cough and a little bit of colds.  Oh, my little boy is sick again.  He always worries me because when he is not feeling well, he would lose his appetite and would have a hard time recovering.  I hope this is just viral and is not something to worry about.

The weather here in Thailand has been crazy lately, everyone seem to feel sick.

Anyways, I found this photo in facebook– Roi’s photo when he was about 2 years old.

Does he look sick at all?

He had intravenous treatment and he proudly showed it off!  That’s my dad’s drawing right there… He was discharged the day after this photo was taken simply because he looked like a happy little sick boy no-more!

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