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Another trip to the park

What I like about living in Bangkok is that  despite the fact that it is a bustling city, you can always have a “down” time in parks.  There is this park that is about 10 minute-drive from our place– we always pass by it when we ride the taxi but we never really checked it out, not until today.

Time at the park would always be inexpensive, and the fun is guaranteed!

The park has this river, which is very calm and serene.  It’s very beautiful in late afternoons!

People come to this park to jog and exercise.  We should come here regularly to walk around.  I managed to take a photo of these people standing straight in reverence to the Thai national anthem.  :)

The highlight of our trip was the feeding of fishes.  The kids enjoyed it a lot!  We taught the kids how to buy fish food in Thai and they managed to say “ahaan plaa” (fish food).  Yay!  Great job, kids!

The kids enjoyed the playground!

I took time to enjoy the flowers..  It was  getting dark so we had to go.

Ria took  a photo of Joey holding hands while walking.  I am so blessed to be married to a man who, after  10 years of marriage still take pleasure in holding my hands. Hehe. 😉

Awww, sweet kids… {Ate} Ria loves to kiss her baby brother!



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Welcome home, Joey!

Hubby had to go home to the Philippines for an important  medical check up.  It was quite emotional when we sent him off, because we just had a reunion with the kids after not being with them for 10 long months.  We were not ready for another separation, but his trip was necessary.

We were elated when we learned that Joey does not have to be operated on, so he would be back to Bangkok earlier than expected.

Balloons were hung on our gate, a warm welcome for Joey who has been away for more than two weeks!


The proud artists showing off their work!

We waited for like forever!! the kids went out as soon as they heard a taxi pull over.  Yes, it’s pop!


Ria enjoying Pop’s embrace…

And Roi joins in!  Can you see him behind that plastic bag? :)

I remained to be in the background, taking pictures of the entire thing! We are so glad to have the man in  the house back again… We love you, Papaps!

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