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Our zinnias

Today I harvested all our zinnias and placed them on this brown vase.  It seems that our zinnias have given us enough flowers everyday, and it’s time to get rid of it.  Lately it has started to wilt and this would be the last batch of flowers it has to give me.

I guess there’s a time for everything– it’s time for another set of zinnias to be planted.  Actually those that I’ve planted on pots are ready for transplant already.  Bye, zinnias.  I enjoyed the countless beautiful pinks you gave me over the past 4 months! 😉


Nostalgia Thursdays: Hopscotch

I just learned that this game is called “Hopscotch” in English. In our native language in the Philippines, we call this “Bikla-bikla”. It’s hard to explain the mechanics of the game, but it sure was a hit when I was a little girl.

It was fun to see the kids play hop scotch– and I cannot help but smile.  It brought  so much good memories!  Oh the joys of childhood.  No one took a photo of me, but I did play with the kids.

You’re never too old to become younger.
— Mae West

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Letting go

When Ria became very insistent on wanting to ride the bike, I thought it was going to be one tough job for me.  I was certain she was going to have bruises.  Crashes.  Pains.

I clearly remembered how I learned to ride the bike myself.  I was so desperate I wanted to ride the bike even at night.  At mid-day, I did not mind the heat.  Even in my sleep I was imagining that I was riding and speeding up.

It was not easy for me to see Ria crash.  But that was so much a part of her learning experience.  I just had to let go, because as long as I still held her she was not going to learn.  She crashed and groaned and got up again.  I cheered her on.  And when I saw her ride on her own, there is nothing like it.  My girl rides her bike on her own.  Pretty soon she is going to have her own life.  And I just have to let go.

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