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Ria’s good night letter

This letter was written by my 9-year old daughter Ria a few days after we were reunited again as a family. We had been separated for 10 months so obviously we missed each other so much.

It says, “I am already sleeping but please still pray for me and kiss me 5 times and tell me ‘I love you’ and tell me ‘good night’.

Ria’s love language are words of affirmation and touch– this brought me teary-eyed because I have not hugged my daughter in a very long time and she so desired to be hugged all the time.  I am grateful for God’s grace throughout the time of our separation and for this time that we have now as a family where I can tell my daughter I love her anytime of the day and for as many times as I could.

p.s. this letter was for some reason, torn before I could take a photo of it.  Some of her spellings are not correct, but we sure got the thought, right?



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