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An unexpected vacation

Our family was blessed to have an unexpected but rather short vacation.  My uncle and his family came to Bangkok for a holiday and before they could make use of their one week hotel stay, they had to go to Phuket, an island in the South.  Since the room was already paid for, we were given the privilege of staying there for two days– FOR FREE!

the kids and I swam in the pool.  Hubby could not join in because of his ear problems. It’s good that we have an official photographer, though! :)

this is the pool, overlooking the city.  Beautiful!

there was even a little play pen where the kids could play right by the poolside.

the living room. i love those shades of blue and orange!


the kids had their own room, too!

our room- yay! what a treat…

the view from our room at night…

a breakfast date with hubby in the balcony

the view of the pool from the balcony

Sadly, good days have an end but we went home grateful for this pleasant surprise! Our family posed at the lobby while waiting for our taxi.

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