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Date with my girl

At 9, Ria looks bigger than her age.. acts and thinks like an adult, too.  I feel like the challenge of parenting a teen has begun– but quite a bit early. Sigh.  But anyways, I love talking things with Ria.  She questions a lot, and she has deep understanding of things.

I am happy that she reads her Bible every night and has deep compassion for people.  One night she reminded me of our “ladies’ night out” which was talked about months before but has never been materialized.  Long overdue, so we had to go out.

Our night out was just spent walking around the night market sipping my cold coffee from DQ while she happily feasted on her chocolate ice cream.  Nothing spectacular about that evening but we held hands all the time.

Ria’s love languages are TOUCH and WORDS– same as mine, so I don’t have a problem filling her “love tank”– but somehow something tells me we should have this girls’ night out thing more often.

Do you date with your kids? :)  Try it sometime..

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