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Let’s get physical!

Our homeschoolers love Fridays.  Either they could get to swim at the pool or in last Friday’s case, we went to the King’s Park to exercise there.  Then of course we explored the place a bit more.  Here are photos of us getting physical!

That’s Ria wearing her white shorts.  The other girl is Naomi, another homeschooler.
That’s Roi wearing green and his friend and school mate, James.  Aren’t they cute?
And this is me with hubby trying so hard to get those abs (in our dreams! ha!)

Roi and pop…

Me and the hubbs…
Roi trying on that thing that gives you a nice massage at the back.
So it was one healthy Friday– and fun too, of course.  See our photos riding the swan pedal boats here!


Family time at the Park

Thailand celebrate Father’s day every 5th of December, in time for the King’s birthday. But of course since we have gotten used to celebrating it every June, our family along with another family went to the park to celebrate it.

We went to the King’s Park, or “Suan Luang” in Thai.  This park is built in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is so huge we were not able to see lots of things including what is inside this beautiful museum!

The kids fed birds and fishes with this thing they sell at the park. Funny how birds and fishes eat the same stuff. Hehe.. The girl in purple is Ria with our family friend’s daughter, Zoe.
There are so many people who exercise at the park for free. Here’s Roi
getting physical!
Me and my friend did the hoola-hoops!
Our family posed for a photo…
We also got to enjoy lots of beautiful sights while we went around the park.
A little field of these little sunflowers ( I don’t know the name of this flower, but it seems to me like they’re a baby version of sunflowers)– Pretty, eh?
Another lake– this is on the other side.  I love the waters — the weather
was perfect too!
Dusk photos.  I love sunsets and how they paint the skies with different hues which change by the second.
There’s me and my man in a scripted “gazing at the sunset photo”– LOL :)
Ria and Roi’s turn– though a choreographed pose, I think this is precious!
And here’s another family photo.
After this, we went for a pizza with very special friends!  That was our family time… and our celebration of father’s day.

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