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Roi’s Toys

For my non-Filipino friends, you must be familiar with having godparents.  Like any other culture, we carefully choose who who the godparents of our kids would be.  Since we are surrounded by beautiful people at church, we choose around 20 people for Ria (that’s a lot, I know! LOL!) — and just 6 people for Roi.

Before we came to Thailand (in 2009) we were teaching this beautiful Swiss-German couple our language.  We have developed this special bond with them, and they are among those people that we dearly miss.  Thanks to the advancements of technology, we still feel like we are not really that far from each other since we look at each other’s photos on facebook, we email, etc.

Anyways, when we got home to the Philippines, we enjoyed a special meal with them at Jollibee and guess what?  Ninong HJ and Ninang Beth gave Roi money for his toys! Yay!

The Wagners:  Hansjorg, Simeo, Johanna, Elisabeth and Joel

So!  Here are photos of the toys Roi chose for himself.  After what seemed to be like forever, he finally chose this Lego set.


Those little red cars are a complete collection from Shell! :)

With Ate Ria and Papa’s help, Roi was able to assemble his Lego.  It’s playtime!

Thank you so much Ninong HJ and Ninang Beth!  We miss you and please do come visit us in Thailand soon!


The colorful dollhouse

Our family friends gave us this wooden dollhouse.  It took some  months before the kids did some painting and decorating, until it became a colorful little house!  Here are some photos of the kids doodling:

Cutting, pasting, coloring... busy little hands indeed!
Friends and homeschooling buddies Naomi and Zoe joined in...
Interesting dotted "stairs" (more like a plank).. putting yellow dots on the house frame-- pretty!
Naomi's palm tree
A little bit of this... a little bit of that...
The house interior-- do you see that mural on the wall and that brown round table?
Just about finished...
Welcome to our humble but very colorful abode!

It’s really great for kids to work together.  I have seen them discuss what would be the best design for this and that… where to put this, to have something changed, etc.  I have seen them listen to each other, argue and finally agree on something.

I am impressed at how far the kids’ imagination could take them.  More than the colors of this house is a beautiful bond that was created between them.  Everyone had a sense of ownership to what he or she contributed in this beautiful creation.  It was a team effort, indeed!





Killer poses!

I usually struggle making my boy look at the camera and smile. At 5, he is unbelievably camera-shy!  I mean he smiles and all, but usually he finds it hard to look straight into the camera.  Most of the time he would make a face!  So one morning while on our way out, I told him to pose.  And he gave me this!

Where on earth did he get this?  LOL. :)

with matching “point to the sky” choreography? hmmm, i think the boy’s got the making of a model (oh a mom’s wishful thinking! LOL)

Err.. not sure what’s this supposed to mean.

Aww, sweet…

Ooops !He gave me another “killer pose” at Siam Paragon mall!    Haha!


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