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IKEA fun!

In my previous post, I mentioned that a friend of ours invited us to go to IKEA last Sunday.  It was our first time there and we really had a blast!

Here are some fun photos I took during our trip to IKEA last Sunday…

Ria and her friend Zoe pretending to enjoy a meal on this white dining table set.
Nice, isn't it?
What I love about Ikea is that you can actually lie down on their beds, sit on their couches and you never get reprimanded by guards or any store personnel. I sat on this comfy couch and pretended to be asleep. :)
And the whole family joined in for some picture-taking.. (i wish our living room is this nice) haha!
Our IKEA model!
...and big sister joins in the fun!

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Trip to Ikea

I’ve always heard about Ikea, so you can imagine my excitement when a friend of ours invited us to go there last Sunday.  We really were not ready for some serious shopping, but we were definitely ready for just a time out!

The place is huge!
There’s this play port near the entrance where the kids could play while mom and dad go shoppin’!
Going up!

Some photos I took inside:


There were so much to see there— at least we know what we could buy either before or after our house transfer. I was especially wow-ed with their lodge furniture!  I would really love to visit Ikea again soon.  By that time, I hope, I’d have money to really do some serious shopping for our new house!



I heard the IKEA just opened here in Thailand– here in Bangkok in particular.  I hear so much about this store and see them in movies from time to time… so I thought it would be worth-checking out.  Not at this time, though because some roads are still closed due to the flooding.

So what will I get in IKEA?  For now, I don’t need anything really, or let’s just say I don’t have a budget for household appliances yet.  But it would be great to see what they have so that we would know what to get when the money comes. :)

Hubby and I just want to go around stores like this to compare prices, enjoy the designs and just to hang out. I am sure I would love to look at dining tables and chairs, and the sofas while hubby might enjoy the sienna sinks undermount sinks. Well, let’s just see.


IKEA Bangkok is located in Bagna District, Samutprakan St.