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Fun with Malunggay

One of the things that really surprised me here in Thailand is that malunggay (Moringa oleifera) is not eaten but are just displayed in homes like any other ornamental plant. Well, because we miss eating malunggay, we bought it from an ornamental plant shop. Pretty soon we found our tree growing so tall, with lots of leaves!

We decided to make malunggay tea.  Here’s hubby and the kids– oops! Did you notice something green on  hubby’s teeth?

Yipee! We’ve collected lots!
About that “green” I said earlier, it’s actually some malunggay leaves the kids and hubby stuck on their teeth!  Yep, just for FUN.
So yeah, we can always have fun anytime… even while trying to make tea!  You might like to see the nutritional value of malunggay tea here.



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A closer look at the bunnies!

In my post about our time at the park, I blogged about bunnies we saw there. Their owners were just chatting nearby, while their pets enjoyed a time of just being “free” on this huge fields of green! But when the kids saw them, their “freedom” was short-lived. Ria and Roi just held them for so long! I felt sorry for the poor things.

Aren’t they precious? The kids want to have a pet, so it’s a choice between a dog and rabbits. What do you think would be better pets? Any suggestions?

Our veggie garden!

As promised,  this is my post about our veggie garden.

This plant is very popular in our home country.  It is usually an ingredient for soup.  Surprisingly, here in Thailand, this is just an ornamental plant that people decorate in their houses or in their porches.  Some even grow into very tall trees!  When I told a Thai neighbor  that this is edible, his eyes widened in  disbelief!
Yay! Our Kangkong and Okra plants are growing fast!
It won’t be long’til we harvest our sweet potatoes!  Perfect for an afternoon snack!

Please take time to  visit our flower garden… and I have just made another post about it  here!

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