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Our flower garden, our joy

Both my mom and grandmother have gardens and enjoy taking care of plants and flowers very much. Coming to Thailand, not having a garden made me think about how blessed I am growing up in a place where I could hear the birds chirp, I could watch the flowers bloom and even climb on trees.

When we looked for a house, my silent prayer was, “Lord, please give us a house where I could at least plant some flowers.” And God granted that desire. Sharing with you our little flower garden:

These beautiful lilac  and white flowers are the latest addition to our garden.  I bought these at 3 for 50THB.  Aren’t they pretty?

These zinnias fill my garden with pretty pinks.  I remember we planted them last March, and look how fast they have grown!  And they bring forth buds everyday, much to the excitement of the kids!

This portion of the garden is for flowers– the other side is for the veggies.  I will write a separate post about it… our veggies are growing fast, too!  I have in fact cooked some green leafy vegetables already from those we have planted.  :)


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