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Family time at Fashion Island

We have always heard of the big play pen at Fashion Island, one of the malls in Bangkok that is not that far from our place. So we decided to check it out.

The kids’ eyes widened as we entered the place.  You can tell they are so confused where to go first! LOL.

My boy is normally not that much of risk-taker and he does not want to slide… but this time, with his ate around, he slid!!! He had so much fun he had to go up and slide again… and again!


One of the highlights of our Fashion island visit was this inflated balloon where the kids could go in and float for a couple of minutes.  At first I was not comfortable seeing Ria floating like that– she looked like she could not breathe!  (silly me!)
Now Roi’s turn…

Hubby and I took turns beating Ria with this game… she is so good at it! I think we scored tie.  (Haha!)Once Roi got on this little ride, he was taken into another world! :)


We had a great time.  Two days after this fun day, hubby had to leave for the Philippines for his ear check up.  We have no idea when he will be back.. and it was a very sad moment when we took him to the airport.  We just had our joyful reunion with the kids beginning of this month.  We were not ready for goodbyes, but I guess some things are just so necessary at the moment.  Can’t wait for our re-reunion!! I will definitely blog about it.. ’til then!


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