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Our 11th Anniversary

I always ask this question, but I’d like to ask it again:  Where has time gone?! A few days from now hubby and I are going to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 11th.  Whew!  I clearly remember our wedding like it only happened yesterday (that, of course is an exaggeration– LOL!)

11 years ago-- when, oh when will I ever fit into this beautiful dress again?

Hubby and I had a very interesting engagement.  It’s actually a long story which I wrote in my other blog.  I say interesting because hubby did not even carry one of those gemstone engagement rings that night.  He did not kneel to pop the question.  So yes, like I said, it’s interesting– but I say it was romantic and beautiful just the same.

To my one and only love, my sweetheart, best friend and home of my heart, advanced happy anniversary.  You are God’s gift to me.  I am blessed to be your wife.. and this home we built together with our two lovely kids is a blessing and a gift I am so grateful to God for.  I love you.


Investing in the best wedding band

When planning for a wedding, couples have different preferences for the thing that they would like to spend more budget on.  Some would opt to spend the bulk of their money on food— after all, there is nothing like seeing the satisfied looks on the guests after having been served with a hearty meal.  Some couples would rather opt to spend more on flowers and decors.  Weddings do not happen everyday so the venue must look beautiful, something that guests would really adore.  Others might invest more on photos and the video.  Capturing every moment of the once-in-a lifetime event would all be worth it.  But there couples who would rather have a simpler celebration and spend more money on the wedding band.

Wedding bands are beautiful symbols of the couple’s commitment to each other and should be carefully chosen.  Good craftsmanship, beautifully cut diamonds and a  pair that does not discolor would be the most important qualities to find in a wedding ring.

For those in Melbourne, looking for jewellers Melbourne that can give you topnotch service and diamond rings with excellent quality requires time and effort but if you find the right one, it will all definitely be worth it.

In Chicago there would be jewelers who will show you how good their craftsmanship is and would give you a fair price for it, too. But you have to settle for the best Chicago certified diamonds  who can cut those diamonds perfectly, one that would be worth all your investment.

If you are planning to get married in California, there are countless of beautiful spots perfect for your dream wedding.  It would be great if you got both the engagement and the wedding rings in the city, too.  The best thing to do is to find the best diamonds los angeles ca – and jewelers that would give you nothing but the best wedding band you have always wanted.

Wedding bands seal those precious commitments uttered in the vows...



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