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Doodling on the Tab

During schooldays, the kids are not allowed to use gadgets or play computer games. They can only listen to the Christian FM or doodle on the tab which Roi loves to do. Here are some of his handiwork:


 photo tab1_zps44a9baef.jpg
Lately he has been into Mario brothers. This, according to him, is Luigi’s logo.


 photo tab2_zpse31d874e.jpg
This is “game over” for Super Mario


 photo tab3_zps4dbab42f.jpg
This is not from any game– he just made this up. That shark looks scary, doesn’t it?


 photo tab5_zps808383d6.jpg
This from a game called “King’s game”
 photo tab4_zps7612fd02.jpg
These are minions from “Despicable Me”


I really enjoy his drawings, but we still see to it that he knows how to do it on a paper, with crayons and all. :)


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One Fine Windy Day

This morning while I was doing some online tasks the kids were having so much fun with the wind coming into our room.  They pretended that the curtains were big  waves crashing over them.


 photo windy1_zpsfdc9f972.jpg

 photo windy2_zps69ae40fc.jpg

 photo windy3_zps21c44d27.jpg

 photo windy4_zps5b30b172.jpg

Looking at my kids having so much fun made me think how important it is to pause for a while and enjoy life’s simple pleasures– they’re free!

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Blog Photo Challenge#31: Thank You!

It’s the last day of July which means that it’s my last day to host this month’s BLOG PHOTO CHALLENGE! It was indeed a challenge to look for photos to post everyday– I wasn’t always on time but I made it! Whew! :)

Thanks to all those who participated in the challenge this month… our family greatly enjoyed all your photos. In behalf of our family, here’s Ria and Roi saying…

 photo RIAANDROI_zpse87bf7da.jpg