Ria’s Princess Drawings

Ria works so hard on her drawings.  I am glad that her friends are artists too, and she is encouraged to develop this talent.  I am always amazed everytime she shows me her handiwork because I am so not good in drawing!  In fact it’s one of my frustrations growing up.  So you can imagine how proud I am when I see this.  Can you blame me? Haha!

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12 thoughts on “Ria’s Princess Drawings”

  1. Ray, pareho jud ta walay talento sa drawing. Bisan linya lang hiwi kaayo na. Hahaha. Maynalang atong mga anak maoy moluwas nato. Ang drawing ni Ria murag katong mga characters sa Princess Sarah nga salida. Remember it? 😀

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  2. Your daughter is very talented. I have seen that princess movie where Princess Melody is one of the characters last Sunday :-) I forgot what’s that movie. She captured the princesses ball gowns in her drawing Mommy Raya :-)

  3. ka-nice ni Ria gud Mommy Ray, kabalo jud sya mo-draw…pareha ta, di pud ko kabalo mo-draw..wala ko ana nga talent… pasuwata lang ko… hahahaha.. BPC #41 visit here.

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