Missing Home

Although Thailand has been our home for three years now, there are times that we just miss the Philippines so much.  The kids would especially reminisce a lot of good memories with friends, cousins and classmates.  They are currently homeschooled so they do not have as much friends as they do in our home country.

Lately, though, the kids have been making more friends when we go teach at the schools and communities we are serving.  It’s a joy to see them chat with Thai kids, although they are not really that good with the language.  We challenged them to ask other kids’ names, how old they are, etc. in Thai.  They get so happy when they hear a response, although they still could not have a prolonged conversation.  They will get to that, I am sure.  This language thing is just taking so much time.

One of the things that they also enjoy in the Philippines is the fact that they could fish, run around and enjoy the trees and lots of greens! My father has a machine shop so Roi gets to watch his granddad fix things, drive his backhoe and many other things my very handy dad does. I would not be surprised if Roi would know er Wagner if he hangs out with his grand dad more!


Us at the Wedding

I have blogged about our going home to the Philippines for my sister’s wedding.  As expected, our first week was busy with the wedding preparations.  Our excitement for Reyna’s big day was far greater than the exhaustion we felt working until late nights with the wedding giveaways.

I am currently working on posts about the big day in my other blog– but here’s a photo of us at the wedding.

Us and our growing kids!

Reyna and Ian’s wedding was such a joyous event.  It was great to be with family, cousins and friends we have not seen in a long time.  There was no classic bubble machine for added effects, but the dancing part after the reception sure was fun!

Fun With the Cousins (Part 1)

I have a bias:  There is nothing as beautiful as the province where I am from:  Bukidnon, South Philippines.  Whether you are traveling from Davao or Cagayan de Oro, the lush greens and majestic mountains are simply breath-taking– and air is  never  any fresher.  Bukidnons have a song which goes this way:  “Wherever I may roam.. the distant land to see, I long to go back soon… to sweet Bukidnon home.”

That is so true, especially when you have been away for so long.  Anyways, we were able to set foot on our beautiful hometown again a month ago.  Our stay was rather short, but so fun-filled.  The kids had a blast with their cousins.  I will be showing some cute photos of them together, making a series of posts since the photos are too many to be in just one post.

My papa drives his “toy” everyday.  He is a very hardworking man who loves to toil the soil.

The kids with Lexi, their cousin and my papa– the kids call him “Dadidad”
We’re going to Dadidad’s fishpond!
Say “Hiii!”
Dadi’s fishpond
Going down…
Fresh flowing water– only in Bukidnon!
All aboard!
(Ate) Ria and Lexi
I love this photo of Roi and Lexi!
Another cute photo of Roi and Lexi: they were supposed to be planting some seeds here.

Looking forward to posting more photos of our farm kids… they miss Bukidnon so much– and I can’t blame them!  I have fun memories of farm life myself as a kid.  I don’t know when is the next time we will come back to our beautiful hometown.  Meantime, we just enjoy looking at photos and the great memories that come along with them!

…celebrating the joys of family life!