Fun With the Cousins (Part 1)

I have a bias:  There is nothing as beautiful as the province where I am from:  Bukidnon, South Philippines.  Whether you are traveling from Davao or Cagayan de Oro, the lush greens and majestic mountains are simply breath-taking– and air is  never  any fresher.  Bukidnons have a song which goes this way:  “Wherever I may roam.. the distant land to see, I long to go back soon… to sweet Bukidnon home.”

That is so true, especially when you have been away for so long.  Anyways, we were able to set foot on our beautiful hometown again a month ago.  Our stay was rather short, but so fun-filled.  The kids had a blast with their cousins.  I will be showing some cute photos of them together, making a series of posts since the photos are too many to be in just one post.

My papa drives his “toy” everyday.  He is a very hardworking man who loves to toil the soil.

The kids with Lexi, their cousin and my papa– the kids call him “Dadidad”
We’re going to Dadidad’s fishpond!
Say “Hiii!”
Dadi’s fishpond
Going down…
Fresh flowing water– only in Bukidnon!
All aboard!
(Ate) Ria and Lexi
I love this photo of Roi and Lexi!
Another cute photo of Roi and Lexi: they were supposed to be planting some seeds here.

Looking forward to posting more photos of our farm kids… they miss Bukidnon so much– and I can’t blame them!  I have fun memories of farm life myself as a kid.  I don’t know when is the next time we will come back to our beautiful hometown.  Meantime, we just enjoy looking at photos and the great memories that come along with them!

Ria’s Artworks

I am very pleased that my kids are so into drawing.  I really don’t know how to draw, so I could only wish that my kids would be like my older brother and younger sister who are such great artists. Here are some samples of Ria’s drawings:

I would like to thank my friend Lalaine for photocopying me this great book that teaches kids how to sketch– the steps are so simple Ria greatly enjoyed following its simple instructions.

The book’s title is “Funky Things to Draw”, with over 80 drawings to master

Here is Ria’s work:

Without the color
With the color

Here is also a drawing of a ladybug she made.  I was not able to take a photo before she colored it.

Hubby and I are so blessed  to have a budding artist in the family.  Our Ria is one shy girl who is not really confident about what she does, so we always make it a point to affirm her that the works of her hands are wonderful!  Don’t you think so too?


Our Wacky Family Photo

We went home to the Philippines last month for my sister’s wedding.  It was a pleasure helping her out with some tiny details days before her big day.  I have not blogged about the wedding yet, but here is a collage of cute photos of our family taken at a photo booth.  Well, it’s not really inside a booth… just in a corner where guests can pose for  wacky shots using colored wigs, hats, colored and extra big “shades.”

We really had so much fun posing for photos here.  At the bottom right is a photo of Reyna and Ian.  This was taken in one of their pre-nuptial photo shoots.  I really miss my little sister (who is so much taller than me, by the way…).  Six days after the wedding, she and Ian moved to Australia where they will be based for I don’t know how long.

But like they say, the world is getting smaller so we always catch up on facebook– or who knows?  We might be able to go down under one of these days!  I wish!

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…celebrating the joys of family life!