Protection from Fire

Fire is one of the disasters we should prepare our households for.  Fire hazard is an unavoidable part of humans’ life, and it could happen to any home at any time. Therefore, it is very important that you invest in fire prevention, protect your home with a fire extinguisher, fire alarms and educate your family about escape route.

Having a fire extinguisher is often overlooked by home owners– either that or they are just left in the corner of their house unchecked for years.  In fact, it is not surprising that many members of the household don’t know how to use it in case of fire.  Here are 4 steps on how to use a fire extinguisher – Just remember the acronym P.A.S.S.: a. Pull the pin out of the top of the device. b. Aim the nozzle at the fuel source. c. Squeeze the lever to release the contents of the device. d. Sweep the fire extinguisher from side to side across the base of the fire until it appears to be out. Fire extinguishers do not occupy much space in your house, and they last you for a long time.  They are easy to use, too.  Having a fire extinguisher means that you can do something about the fire while waiting for the firemen to come.  If you worry about damaging your house and office appliances with your fire extinguisher, it is not actually a problem.  Manufacturers have developed devices that are not harmful or toxic to your electrical appliances. Purchasing a fire extinguisher will not hurt your budget that much.  It is in fact, a must-have for every household –something that every responsible house owner should invest in.

Fun with the Cousins Part 2: Fishing!

Fishing at the fishpond is really one of the highlights of our time in the Philippines.  It’s not something we get to do here in Bangkok so the kids really have a blast everytime.

Zoe, Jah, Zeddie, Roi, ria and Lexi
The girls
Zoe proudly showing off her catch! Great job, Zoe!
Meantime Lexi’s little brother Ulrich is comfy with grandma!

Ria and Roi really miss their cousins back home.  I wonder when will we see them again?

Maximizing Your Space

In a housekeeping magazine, I read this quote:

“A home does not have to be big, just  smart.”

I could not agree more.  For me, there are ways to maximize your the little space that your house has.  If you only know how to smartly arrange your stuff, space should not be much of a problem.

“Think vertical,” is one of the advises experts would tell you.  Tall  cabinets  to store your books and things  in could be the key to make use of your limited space.  They could actually add variety to your room and enhances the feeling of spaciousness.  With the space you have saved, you can even be more creative with your choice of  furniture.  Speaking of which, you can also buy dual-purpose ones like sofas that can be converted into beds at night. If you can have one of those  foldable and collapsible bookshelves , the better!

Make use of every available space you have by buying small scale chairs and sofas to make your room look more spacious. If space is really a problem to you and you don’t know what to do,  you can always hire or ask an expert.  It’s a one-time investment you would not regret because home designers know what to do best with your home.  Not to mention of course, there are always sites online to get helpful tips from.

If there is still not enough space for all of your belongings why not consider external storage company? Perhaps you decided to redecorate or buy new furniture but your heart can’t let go of your old things. Self storage could be a good solution to that problem. There are many cheap storage options available that can help you free up a bit of space in your house and help you keep things that are precious to you.





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