Ria is Number 4!

Ok, sorry for not blogging right away on Ria’s competition results as promised. Well, she made it to number 4. Hubby and I are so proud! We are so thankful to Ria’s teachers for giving her this break. Landing on the 4th place is such an achievement, considering that she competed against more than ten contenders from different schools– and it’s just her first time!

She also did well in her Bible quiz bowl. She and her partner made it to the 6th place. What made her happier is the fact that she was the one who was able to answer the tie-breaking question correctly. Their singing group did not receive any award but it was a good experience for her. Maybe next time they would be needing more musical instruments with electric mistress deluxe!

Our girl will be in High School this year– we asked her if she wanted to transfer to the school where I graduated from but she begged me to let her stay in her current school. I don’t think it’s a bad idea!

Ria’s Expressive Reading Competition

A couple of months ago I have blogged about Ria joining a regional Expressive reading competition. If you know our Ria, you would know how shy and soft spoken she is. She talks a lot with us and with her closest friends, but it’s almost impossible for her to be standing onstage with a huge crowd listening to her.

I told her that she does not have to say yes to her teacher just because she is obliged. She had to decide on her own and with that, she needed to get rid of her stage fright and shyness. Well, she insisted that she could do it and she will try her best. We were delighted with her decision but the honest truth is that I guess I was more nervous than her when she was finally standing infront of the crowd last Tuesday.

 photo riaexpressivereading_zpsc00aba09.jpg

Results would be out tomorrow and I am so nervous right now!  But of course, we told her that whether she wins or losses, the fact that she did her best, she had fun in front and she had a wonderful experience was more than enough reason to celebrate.

Ria, to us, you are already a winner!  Good job there, girl!

Missing the City Life

It was not until we set foot on Cagayan de Oro City a few days ago that we realized how much we miss living in a city. This may sound silly, but we miss the traffic, the crowded streets and yes, the malls! We miss watching movies in the cinema, too.. it was something we would have wanted to do but we just did not have enough time. We were not able to check out the toy section at the mall, too. Roi would have wanted to take a look at robots for sale.

But of course we still love our life in this small city and it’s so good to be back! We don’t get to enjoy going around malls or eating at fancy restaurants but Bukidnon is our haven for now and no, I am not sour graping when I say that I am actually loving it here!

…celebrating the joys of family life!