Blog Photo Challenge#30:I Love You

I am blessed with a husband that always says “I love you” and means it. God really knows that I am such a “touch” and “words” person that he gave me one who never tires of hugging me and the kids and says he loves us in the most unexpected times and places.

One day I found these little bookmarks in the kids’ books– from their papa.

 photo LOVEU2_zps47f55e3a.jpg

 photo LOVEU1_zps629e7c49.jpg

My man would always say, “Life on earth is short.  No matter what happens, I just want the kids to remember me as a father who loves them very much.”

  I have nothing but praises to God for giving me such a loving man.  My kids are blessed to have him as a father… and I am doubly blessed to be his  wife.

Blog Photo Challenge#29: Precious Christmas Blessings

This post is obviously long overdue, but like they say, it’s better late than never, right? Last Christmas Ria received gifts from her Ninong and Ninang (godparents) Mark and Vine Grossnickle who are based in Maryland, USA. Ria was so excited to open her package: a purple Bible and journal!

 photo BIBLE1_zps254a2b32.jpg
Ria’s purple Bible
 photo BIBLE2_zps7c223624.jpg
Look! It has her name on the cover!


 photo BIBLE4_zpsbb583373.jpg
Purple journal where she could write down her thoughts and prayers
 photo BIBLE5_zpsaea2514b.jpg
The gifts came with this card with a beautiful verse
 photo BIBLE6_zps87804314.jpg
The message in the card is just precious!

We praise God for you, Mark and Vine who thought of blessing Ria with these precious gifts. We know that the Word of God would mold Ria into the woman God wants her to be– and you will always be a part of that journey.

…celebrating the joys of family life!