Blog Photo Challenge#27: Tita Elvie in Bangkok!

It’s not everyday that we get to have relatives visiting so when we learned that our Tita Elvie (my papa’s younger sister) was visiting Thailand, we were excited. We did not expect to spend that much time with her as she was with a group and they had their itinerary. During her last day, though, she was on her own so we got to meet up.

The greatest blessing about it is that she was here in time for a 2-day Buddhist holiday so we were really able to spend one whole day with Tita Elvie before we took her to the airport.

 photo titaelvie1_zps1187198f.jpg
Tita Elvie spending an afternoon at our house
 photo titaelvie2_zps4e81d16e.jpg
At the airport

We were so happy we had a visitor and had a great time catching up!

Blog Photo Challenge#26: Wild Sunflower

We found this beautiful wild sunflower growing with one of our potted plants. A bird must have carried its seed and dropped it there!

 photo sunflower1_zpsb8575383.jpg

Beautiful morning surprise… and little birds, you are most welcome to bring in some more flower seeds from your flights!

…celebrating the joys of family life!