How to Build the Right Home for Your Family

Building the family home is a big deal. It is the culmination of lots of saving and hard work and the time to make your dream home become a reality. It is vital to put a lots of thought into what type of home is right for your family.

There are so many options available that it’s easy to get lost in all the choices. Take all the time you need to research what is available and to thoroughly explore your options. Companies like Coral Homes , feature plans and designs online and this is a great place to start looking. See what appeals to you and what doesn’t and pick out designs that incorporate the elements that best suit the needs of your family. Remember, don’t scrimp on planning, you will have to live with the decisions you make at planning stage for a very long time.

Use Your Past Experience

Another excellent design in planning the right home for your family is to go back through your past homes and define what did and didn’t work for you. Perhaps you just loved the open plan design of the kitchen in one of your previous houses, or hated the layout of the main bedroom. Often you have to live in a home to really know how the design works for you, so take the time to make a list of the positives and negatives of homes you have lived in previously. You can get the whole family involved.

Decide What Elements You Want

The next step is to think about all the major elements that you would like in your new home. It’s a good idea to have a ‘must have’ list and a ‘nice but not essential’ list. This is one of the fun parts of planning your home so take some time and let your imagination go wild.

There are basic elements you need to decide on: how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, how much living space you require and how much garage space you need. You also need to decide on how you want your living space arranged: do you want a formal living area and a family room, or perhaps you want a parent’s retreat area.

Think Ahead

If you children are almost grown up they may be leaving home in the next few years, so think about how you will re-use space when they leave. If you are getting older you might think twice about stairs. While they may be manageable now, will you still want to climb stairs in five years’ time?

The Great Outdoors

The terrace has sunshine all day and a big barbecue

Outdoor areas are become increasingly important to home owners. Having a great outdoor area will extend the borders of your home and can provide another living area for you and your family to enjoy. Many people building a home get so caught up designing the interior of the home that they forget about the outdoor area. If you and your family love the outdoors you need to think about maximising your outdoor space.




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Reduce Renovation Stress with These 3 Steps

Renovation is one of the most frustrating things in the world. It involves a lot of heavy lifting, tension between you and anyone else you’re moving with and a lot of decisions made right on the spot that you didn’t think of. It is a tiring, hot, heavy annoying piece of work if you try to do it on your own, and even if you’re only doing some of the job yourself there is still a lot of blood sweat and tears to be thrown into the situation. Here are three simple steps toward limiting the trouble and tension.

Make a Plan

Step one in situations like this one is the need to know what you’re doing, and to know it in minute detail. The fewer decisions you need to make throughout the process the less trouble you’ll end up in later. Set yourself a simple budget that is just a little higher than it otherwise would have been. Arrange the events in the right order and account for a couple of days extra. The more details you nail down the better so be sure to get very specific. It might also be a good idea to sit down with anyone you’re planning to do the renovation with and get the arguments out of the way early.

Renovation Mortgage

Clear the Space

Get everything you aren’t actively renovating out of the area. Anything you have that isn’t being worked on needs to be brought away, put into storage or thrown out. Renovation can be a good excuse to get rid of some of the stuff you don’t need any more. So take your furniture, send it away, take the junk and throw it out. This will allow you to do whatever you like with less room for arguments and trouble. Visit Fort Knox Storage for a list of short term storage options in your local area. The less you have to get in the way or stumble over the easier the job will be.

Take it in Stages

A big job is made up of smaller jobs and renovation is no different. Stick to the plan in small, simple, easy steps. Break it down room by room, item by item and stage by stage and handle each part individually. This approach might take a little longer but it will end up a lot less frustrating than trying to do everything at once, might cost you a lot less as well. Do everything in simple manageable stages and the job will be over before you know it.

If you have a good plan, no distractions and the cool head to take things in simple individual stages then renovation can be almost easy. Trouble only arises when a renovator doesn’t think out the deal, or simply tries to do everything all at once. Keeping the slow and steady pace will get it done.

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