Why Have Pets?

To have or not to have pets could be a major decision to make these days. Why, with our busy lifestyles, a simple job as feeding or taking care of a dog could be a challenge. It is not surprising,therefore,  that most families would opt not to have pets in their houses. But mind you, according to studies, having pets could be very beneficial to kids.

Here are some benefits of having pets in your homes:

1. Pets Help with Learning

For children who have no other children, pets could be a great friends. Someone they could talk to, read stories with, and even share their beds with! According to Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD, an educator and author of the book “The World of Children and Their Companion Animals,” pets (mostly dogs) have been very helpful in the learning process of mentally challenged children. Pets help these kids relax, knowing that they have a non-judgmental pal who would stick with them no matter what.


 photo pets2_zps8662fb56.jpg
Our kids’ new pet waiting for us in the Philippines– isn’t she a darling?


2. Pets Provide Comfort

Withrawn and bullied kids were asked where they turned to during their most lonely and sad times and most of them answered that their pets were there for them in their lowest times. Pets provide comfort for kids who are lonely, upset, sad or even angry.


3. Pets Help Kids Learn the Value of Nurturing

A simple chore as feeding the birds, a hamster or dog could teach the kids to be selfless and think of others. In our own household, it is the kids who take care of the pets and it is their responsibility to tell us that the pet food is about to run out. We thought it’s a great way to teach them to be accountable to others other than themselves.


 photo pets1_zpsf5799eb2.jpg
Our pet birds are well taken cared of by our kids

Teaching the kids to care and good parenting skills could start early in life. This is not a guarantee, but if kids are taught how to care for and nurture others (it could be their pets), then there’s a great possibility that they could be good parents someday!


4. Pets Help Keep Children Healthy

Contrary to our perceptions, having multiple pets could increase the child’s immunity to allergies (study conducted by Dennis Ownby, MD).   “No one knows for sure why this is the case, but when a child plays with a dog or a cat, the animals usually lick him, that lick transfers bacteria that live in animals’ mouths, and the exposure to the bacteria may change the way the child’s immune system responds to other allergens, ” says Dr. Ownby.


5. Pets Help Strengthen Family Bond

Taking care of pets could be fun for a family. Many families take their dog for a walk or take it to the groomers together.  Deciding on the best food for the pet could also be a decision that a family could make together. Choosing a pet to take care of, for one, is also something that the whole family could agree  and work on.


6. Pets Help Children Cope with Loss


 photo pets3_zps6ac9a465.jpg
Our late hamster, Mocha, died a few months ago

Coping with loss could be hard for both children and adults. Losing a pet to death prepares kids for this. It teaches them that life is short and limited, but the world does not end with a death of a loved one. Losing a pet teaches them how to grieve and move on in a healthy way.


Preparing Your Kids for Your Big Move

Time and again we are faced with choices, and moving out to another city or country is one of them. Moving could often be thought of as fun, but in reality, is not as fun or as easy as it sounds.  Think of the seemingly endless packing and unpacking, leaving many good memories and friends behind, and settling into an unfamiliar place.

Oftentimes, it is harder on the kids than on the adults.  Kids under 8, especially, could be very attached to friends, neighbors, school, anything that’s familiar. So going into unfamiliar grounds could be stressful for them.

Here are some helpful tips for parents who wish to prepare their kids for their big move:

Breaking the News:  When and How

Be straightforward, and keep it simple.  The more transparent you are with the kids, the less they would worry.  Children have a way of knowing that there are things that you are keeping from them so it’s important to give them details.  Also, be prepared of the possible questions that your children would ask.  It is not expected that you will be able to answer all of them, but assure them that the move is for the better and everything will work out just fine as soon as you’ve moved out.


Emotions: How to Handle them

image not mine

It would be expected that kids could be emotional.  Adults can be too, but because we see the bigger picture, we tend to be comforted at the thought that the move will be for everybody’s benefit.  But most kids just see the now.  Some might feel betrayed, get depressed or feel deprived of the good life they are enjoying in their present home.  Given a choice, they would not want to move out– so some would really ask, “how could you do this to me?” or “how could you take away this life from me?”  Of course some kids could not ask that right in their parents’ faces, but those questions could race through their heads.



Packing Up:  What to Leave Behind and What to Bring?

This could be a struggle because the kids could be so attached to many things: toys, old books, sheets, their beds, etc.  That is understandable so as a parent, make sure you bring something that’s familiar.  Maybe a favorite toy or their favorite sheets.  That would make the transition so much easier.

For now we are also in the middle of packing up for our big move back to the Philippines in a month.  Starting tomorrow night, we will not be sleeping on our bed because by tomorrow morning, the couple who have bought our things will be needing them already.  Our dining table and chairs will have to go too, along with our book shelves and wardrobes.  Writing this post does not make me an expert in preparing our kids for this move.  In fact, I find it so hard and thought, there must be other parents out there who’d be needing these thoughts as they, like us, transition into another place.


Every Bride’s Dream

There’s always something different about a bride-to-be.  Although wedding preparations could be tiring, she still glows and it would not be difficult to tell how excited she is for her big day.  While it would be easy and convenient to just hire wedding planners who are more than willing to do the dirty job, there is nothing like being a hands-on bride!  After all, it is not everyday that one walks down the aisle in a wedding gown, right?

Like they always say,  a wedding day is not only a union of two hearts but a coming together of families and special friends and therefore needs detailed and careful planning.  It should be special like no other day.

As a bride (I have been a bride myself more than 12 years ago), choosing the best wedding dress is the most exciting and most taxing part of the preparation.  Exciting in the sense that finally, you would finally walk down the aisle and be united with the man you love for the rest of your life.  Exciting because everybody’s eyes will be on you– now I have to agree that  a bride is, and should be the star on her wedding day!   Taxing, because coming up with the final design takes so much time.   It would be extremely difficult to choose especially with the so many choices available online and in magazines.  On top of that, you also have to consider your friends’ or family’s opinions. While the design would matter a lot, it is still important that brides be comfortable in what they wear on their wedding day.


 photo weddingdress_zpsa80c6f55.jpg
A bride would surely look stunning in this simple yet elegant design


Aside from the bride, the bridesmaids need to look great as well.


 photo bridesmaidscol_zps45f6e96a.jpg

Bridesmaids could have the choice to either wear long, elegant gowns or opt to look more casual in shorter dresses, depending of course, with the theme and venue of the wedding.

Technology definitely has given brides  more wedding dress options to choose from these days. Not only will they be able to find great designs, they can also just order the dress of their choice online– gowns that are handcrafted to make them the most beautiful , the most elegant and the most stunning brides on their wedding day.

It is, after all, every bride’s dream, isn’t it?



…celebrating the joys of family life!