My little songbird affirmed

Our girl Ria has a real good voice. We always appreciate her for that, but somehow she is not confident when she sings in public or at least when someone is listening. Since she is very musically inclined, we enrolled her at a violin class near our place. She has started to learn the instrument 2 years ago, and we are glad about her progress.  I might even check out Guide to Online Schools to see if they have music classes my kids could take when they get older.

Last Saturday, the whole family went to her music school. Normally it will just be Joey and her, but that time me and Roi tagged along.

While waiting for her teacher, Joey played the keyboard and we sang some songs. Unknown to us, the owner of the music school was listening outside. We closed the door and thought that it was a sound-proof room. 😉

Hubby playing the guitar while Roi acted as the “conductor” using Ria’s violin bow. Hehe.
There’s our little songbird… so unaware that outside the door, ears were listening!  Then came the music school owner and asked, “did your daughter just sing? We heard a very beautiful voice!”  So we let her do a solo and she was soo-oo impressed!  She said their school is doing a musical concert on December and she will let Ria do a solo part.  I am so happy that Ria has been affirmed of her talent!  Proud mommy I am!
Our songbird in her violin class.  Sigh.  I am in awe.  Is it just me or do all moms feel this way when their kids soar? 😉

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6 thoughts on “My little songbird affirmed”

  1. It’s definitely not just you, Ray! I feel the same and the hubbies sure feel the same, too, towards their kids! Love our own baya kaayo ta. 😀

    I can almost hear Ria’s angelic voice over here! Great job, girlie! :)

  2. WOW! One proud Mommy, indeed! Dapat lang! Hahaha! Ikaw daw naay anak nga singer beh, lalim bah, hehe!

    This post reminded me of my Mom. She’s a huge stage mother to my brothers who’s both singing for their bands. Sus nalang! Makabuang ang abilidad sa akoang Mama, Ray. Bisan tunga sa gabii, muadto jud sa gigs sa iyang mga anak. Mupahid pa sa singot, LOL!

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