Mushrooms for you!

Now after three months of having our very own “mushroom garden”, we are still harvesting practically everyday! What a great blessing this is. The kids love mushrooms, plus it is a very rich source of protein. Maybe when he grows up he will still like to eat healthy foods and look into classes from

Roi showing off his newly harvested mushrooms!  Sorry he is still in his pj’s… the mushrooms are the first thing they want to check when they wake up in the morning!  The sight of them would really make them so excited!

“Mushrooms for you, Mama!”  He said, pretending he is holding a bunch of flowers. Such a sweet boy I have!  😉


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10 thoughts on “Mushrooms for you!”

  1. ka cute sa migunit sa mushrooms..kalami pod sa musrooms i adobo or maski gisa lang hahaha.

    OO Raya, ako nig new blog aky naka daug amn ko ug domain ug hosting gud, mao ng nadugangan hahaha

    late visit na ni sa WW. hehe

  2. Hala ka-lami ana inyong mushroom oi kay tanom jud ninyo? Paborito ko baya na, gisahon ba. Ayayay nag-imagine na nuon ko ug sud0an! Lol.

    Salamat sa bisita Ray. Sa susunod. :)

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