Let’s get physical!

Our homeschoolers love Fridays.  Either they could get to swim at the pool or in last Friday’s case, we went to the King’s Park to exercise there.  Then of course we explored the place a bit more.  Here are photos of us getting physical!

That’s Ria wearing her white shorts.  The other girl is Naomi, another homeschooler.
That’s Roi wearing green and his friend and school mate, James.  Aren’t they cute?
And this is me with hubby trying so hard to get those abs (in our dreams! ha!)

Roi and pop…

Me and the hubbs…
Roi trying on that thing that gives you a nice massage at the back.
So it was one healthy Friday– and fun too, of course.  See our photos riding the swan pedal boats here!


7 thoughts on “Let’s get physical!”

  1. Fun fun fun! We were soaked in the sun :-)
    But a brown skin is nothing compared to a healthy body.
    We should go back and do it again. Perhaps in another park.

  2. Good thing you still have time to get physical. That was a fun-filled family time. I don’t know when my family will be able to do that again.

    Visiting from Green Monday. :)

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