Kindergarten Love

This is my boy with Aya, his kinder classmate whom he describes as the “most beautiful and his favorite classmate.”  One day he just casually mentioned to my sister about this girl– he had nothing but pure adoration for her , and he doesn’t even know the word “crush” yet!
Now that he is already here in Thailand, I asked him, “do you miss Aya?”  He would answer, “Yes,” with a twinkle in his eye. Haha!
Oh, kinder crush! Did you ever have one?


12 thoughts on “Kindergarten Love”

  1. ooohhh!!! kinder crush ha?? baka next time nyan kinder love na, or puppy love… hehehe.. visiting your KID entry sis! hope you can drop by mine too!

  2. aww, that’s cute and sweet. i don’t remember if I had one. lol! but my daughter has crush on her classmate because according to her, her classmate is cute and a very good dancer. kids!

  3. hahahaaa!ang cute naman!No wonder your boy is into the girl,she’s cute^_^

    Thanks for dropping by at Kizuna,forgive my late visit dear~sobrang busy ang lola mo..

    Have a nice day!

  4. re: Wakaba and Haruka doesn’t speak tagalog, only japanese language but I’m teaching them english. They can’t speak a lot but they can understand simple english.

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