Family time @ Paragon

We had a chance to go to Paragon Mall to meet up with my uncle who has come to visit Bangkok with his family. When we got there we got a call from him that there would be changes in his schedule and we would have to wait a few more hours. Looked like we had to kill the time! So we took a few photos…

Paragon mall has this beautifully decorated mini-lagoon that would greet you as soon as you enter.

The kids and I pose at Paragon’s entrance.
Outside the mall is this beautiful fountain
Paragon’s underground is the Ocean Park.  But it is so expensive there is no way we could ever afford it!  So we were happy to pose with some “sea creatures” outside. Haha!

This is not a “sea” creature for sure, but it does not matter…

Oh, this hungry but loving shark hopefully is not too hungry to eat my two little ones!

And the family pose with “Tom Cruise” the wax… Hmm, do you think he is a bit taller here than in real life?  I don’t really know.  Have not met the guy in person yet. Haha!

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2 thoughts on “Family time @ Paragon”

  1. it’s so beautiful nga sis. and yeah, free yung hotel accommodation namin. exdeal namin yun before ngayon lang nakuha. but the exdeal was only worth 3k but our stay costs 9k, as in x3! yeah, blessing talaga yun.

    bukaw na pala ang whites no? sige hanap ako. medyo ako ay harassed today hehe

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