Crafts for the girls

Our home schooling still has been suspended because of the flooding.  The road to our learning center has been badly affected, so for a week now the kids did not have anything to do.  We decided that the kids would have crafts for today.  Since our area is not affected, the kids came this morning, and so did their teacher.

They started off with story telling, but I was not able to take photos because I had to charge my camera battery.  The girls had special crafts today.  They were to make something like this:

This is a hair accessory
And so the cutting and the sewing began... the girls with Teacher Belle
colorful threads!
Ria doing her work
The very creative Naomi finished first! Yay! She glued her work on a headband. Nice, eh?
And it beautifully adorned her hair!
Ria glued hers to a clip. Voila!
And Zoe proudly wears her craft with a sweet smile!


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13 thoughts on “Crafts for the girls”

  1. wow, you sure are creative ladies, look at the lovely crafts you made! when i get older maybe mum + i can make crafts, too, but i don’t think we’ll be making any of those :)

    thanks for joining K.I.D, see you again next week! :) ~ Jared

  2. what a talented girls Mommy Raya. I can never sew a headband like that. Great job girls :-) I hope that the flooding will stop very soon Mommy Raya. Dropping some love for Thursday Brownnies, hope that you can return the favor too.

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