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Loving “Frozen”

We all loved the movie– in fact, Ria has always been singing the songs sung in the film! We also love the story line and the plot… it is very family oriented and the ending is not just about a prince and a princess falling in love with each other and living happily ever after. It is about sisters reconciled and finding joy in forgiveness and acceptance.

I like the fact that “Frozen” is made by the same people who brought us “Tangled” and “Wreck-it Ralph”– I love those movies, too! Brilliant job on this one… and thanks for making it available to us, Disney!

P.S. Am I the only one surprised to hear Kristen Bell sing?

Back to Homeschooling!

Ok, so a little update from us here…

Finally, after being here, there and everywhere… we have started to homeschool again since last week!  It has been a challenge finding the right place to do it because my parent’s house gets so busy during daytime and the kids easily get disrupted.  We have decided to do it in the church– thankfully our pastor was very supportive and let us use some facilities there.

The kids found it hard to gain a momentum, but we are back on track now.  We thought it would be best if we enrolled them at a school that use the same materials that we are using so they could learn with other kids.  Good news, we have found a school (there are actually 3 that we know of here in our little city) that use the same homeschool materials that we use.  So we decided to check out on the one that’s nearest us and we liked it there!  Well, the building is not really that nice but guess what?  Ria’s best friend during 2nd grade goes to school there!  We thought it’s great that she already has a friend in that school even before she can start going there.

So, we are going to take the kids there on Monday to talk with the principal.  It’s still their school break and we’ve only talked with the pastor and his wife (this school is in the compound of a Bible Baptist church).

Ok, there you have it.. will definitely post photos soon.  And oh, I hope Ria could really make it in time in order to graduate from 6th grade and will be enrolled in a regular school come June!

More updates next time! Toodles!

Practical Tips in Buying Furniture

Furniture is an investment that requires careful consideration and research. Before you give your heart to a piece of furniture, make sure it’s the real deal by checking out more than the looks of the piece you are about to buy. Here’s some helpful tips on getting the most value for your money, and choosing furniture that will work with your home and your lifestyle.

1. Set a Budget

Identify the budget for the furniture purchase before you begin the process. The budget will influence the style of furniture and the number of pieces you can purchase. Set a realistic budget with some flexibility. A higher initial investment could save money in the future if you purchase higher quality furniture.




2.  Kn0w Your Style

Knowing your style gives you greater flexibility, too, because when you know how to find your style, you are likely to find it even the unlikeliest pieces of furniture. You have the ability to tie in seemingly disparate pieces of furniture to create truly personal spaces. You also have the ability to find other furnishings that complement your furniture in a way that is all yours.

3. Decide What to Purchase

Identify the pieces of furniture that you wish to buy, and consider the style of the room in which the furniture will be placed. Measure the room to ensure the furniture selected will fit appropriately.

4.Visit Several Furniture Stores

Visiting several furniture store will give you the options in your price range. Identify styles, colors and fabric that you prefer. Make note of the prices of your favorite furniture pieces, and compare the prices, choices and quality of furniture offered at each store.

5.  Consider Your Space

It would be best to measure your available space and know what size of furniture you would need before making a purchase.  Have a picture of how your furniture fits into your space– this would make your furniture shopping a lot easier and would save you lots of time and effort.

6. Double Check Quality

An important aspect in learning how to buy furniture is to look beyond trends and buy furniture based on quality and usefulness. Thoroughly inspect the furniture to assess its quality.


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