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“Pasalubong” is a Filipino term which means something that you take home from a trip. This something should be given to family or friends who were not with you on the journey. I have to admit that finding a pasalubong could be difficult. Not that I can’t afford to buy one or two but because there are just so many people expecting to be given their “pasalubong!”

So yes, the greatest challenge about it is whether we could afford to bring something for everyone. What I do is I just buy delicacies and repack them into smaller packages so that everyone can have at least a little bit of Thailand. :)

Some people would buy their “pasalubong” from the airports– which I personally think is not a good idea because the stuff there are so expensive!! I do look around if I still have time waiting for my flight and always, I get amazed at the prices. From what I’ve seen, Hoyo de monterrey is one of the most popular “pasalubongs” aside from food.

I really don’t know if this “pasalubong” thing is existent in other countries and cultures– it’s nice if you are the one to receive them but to buy for others? It can be a bit of a challenge, I tell you.

Hello, Bukidnon!

Days before we flew to the Philippines, I was literally counting the days– everyday!  I just could not wait to board that plane and just be home with family once again.  So our folks treated us for a night at Dahilayan Resort.

It was weird to be wearing sweaters and jackets after a long time.  It was 41 degrees in Bangkok when we left!  It’s like…”are we in another planet or something?!”

We stayed in this gorgeous cottage– I wished we could stay for another night or two, but that one night was so worth it!

I actually took photos of the interior, which I plan to post in my travel blog.  This house has complete amenities, including  two baths and two bedrooms.  They had modern cascade faucets and a tub, too. I would love to go back there another time. It’s a bit pricey, but if you have to get a view of the best Bukidnon sunset, experience the very cool weather and have a quiet time with family and friends, Dahilayan is definitely the place to be!

Trip to Pattaya

Pattaya is a city in Thailand that is known for its beaches and tourist attractions.  Our family along with friends went there for a short holiday.  It was such an enjoyable time!

Ria and Roi enjoying the beach


Our time at Silverlake was very relaxing!


In our ride-- touring around the grape plantation was fun!


Those flowers were simply beautiful!


Roi trying to reach out and pick some grapes!

We were with another family and our kids’ teacher, but it still was a fun family time!  Click here for more of our beach photos!

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