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Missing the City Life

It was not until we set foot on Cagayan de Oro City a few days ago that we realized how much we miss living in a city. This may sound silly, but we miss the traffic, the crowded streets and yes, the malls! We miss watching movies in the cinema, too.. it was something we would have wanted to do but we just did not have enough time. We were not able to check out the toy section at the mall, too. Roi would have wanted to take a look at robots for sale.

But of course we still love our life in this small city and it’s so good to be back! We don’t get to enjoy going around malls or eating at fancy restaurants but Bukidnon is our haven for now and no, I am not sour graping when I say that I am actually loving it here!

Trip to Ikea

I’ve always heard about Ikea, so you can imagine my excitement when a friend of ours invited us to go there last Sunday.  We really were not ready for some serious shopping, but we were definitely ready for just a time out!

The place is huge!
There’s this play port near the entrance where the kids could play while mom and dad go shoppin’!
Going up!

Some photos I took inside:


There were so much to see there— at least we know what we could buy either before or after our house transfer. I was especially wow-ed with their lodge furniture!  I would really love to visit Ikea again soon.  By that time, I hope, I’d have money to really do some serious shopping for our new house!