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Ria’s Artwork: Graphing

When Ria showed me her art project, I was wowed. I don’t have the gift of drawing/ painting so you can imagine how proud I am right now of our girl. I actually have two siblings who are so gifted with arts and I am grateful that Ria has that talent in her genes!

 photo bird3_zps354af905.jpg
Shhh! The artist at work.
 photo bird1_zpsbfbda920.jpg
That paper on top is the original drawing she printed from the internet. The bigger picture below is Ria’s artwork.
 photo bird2_zps82cb5724.jpg
Ladies and gentlemen, the masterpiece!

Ria said she is going to have this framed and at the end of the school year, they are going to have an art gallery in school.  Their artworks are going to be displayed on walls for other parents and children to see.  She even said that the paintings are for sale, and they’d get to keep the money.

When she asked me if I’d buy this piece for P 500, I said “yes” without thinking twice.  “I’d even gladly buy it for a thousand, dear!” I told her.

She beamed.  “I am so proud of myself,” she said.

“Honey, you don’t have the slightest idea how  proud I am of you,” I replied.

That made her day– and mine, too.


Ria’s Expressive Reading Competition

A couple of months ago I have blogged about Ria joining a regional Expressive reading competition. If you know our Ria, you would know how shy and soft spoken she is. She talks a lot with us and with her closest friends, but it’s almost impossible for her to be standing onstage with a huge crowd listening to her.

I told her that she does not have to say yes to her teacher just because she is obliged. She had to decide on her own and with that, she needed to get rid of her stage fright and shyness. Well, she insisted that she could do it and she will try her best. We were delighted with her decision but the honest truth is that I guess I was more nervous than her when she was finally standing infront of the crowd last Tuesday.

 photo riaexpressivereading_zpsc00aba09.jpg

Results would be out tomorrow and I am so nervous right now!  But of course, we told her that whether she wins or losses, the fact that she did her best, she had fun in front and she had a wonderful experience was more than enough reason to celebrate.

Ria, to us, you are already a winner!  Good job there, girl!

Ria Turns 12!

Inasmuch as we wanted to give her a proper 12th birthday party, Ria’ big day happened to be our travel day from Makati to Cavite last Saturday. Although we already went to Star City two days before her birthday, I still wanted her to remember how special it was to blow a cake or have balloons so I asked a friend in Cavite, Des, to buy a cake for us.

But it turned out that Des did not want to surprise just Ria but all of us– we were expecting to stay in a room at the church but she and two other friends decided to book a hotel room for us for one night!


 photo riasbday1_zps317f33d7.jpg
Surprise! Balloons, a birthday poster, a cake and some goodies awaited us in our hotel room!
 photo riasbday2_zps0250a2e7.jpg
Our 12-year old princess wearing her tiara
 photo riasbday3_zps05e37392.jpg
The cake– they thought her name was Rai. :)
 photo riasbday4_zpsa1c14804.jpg
Our latest family photo!
 photo riasbday5_zps80dc59b6.jpg
With Des and Abhie. Thank you for the surprise, ladies!
 photo riasbday6_zpsf0fe01d6.jpg
With Sandre, Joey’s former student who gladly drove us to Cavite

It was indeed a memorable birthday for Ria.  She is a growing girl, a true gift and we are so blessed to have her.  It was a day of thanksgiving for us– for the gift of life, for our kids and yes, for friends who are also our family wherever we are.

Happy 12th Birthday, Ria.  Love you to the moon and back!