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When he overcame his fear

My boy is very much like me– we are both afraid of heights.  Sadly for me, I was not able to overcome my fear when I was younger so up ’til now, I am still afraid of sliding  on a slide when we go for a swim at the pool.  I have always wanted to try it, but as soon as I am on top getting ready to slide anytime, I just get so nervous I end up not doing it.

Roi, however, is slowly overcoming his fear.  He is still 5 so I am glad of his progress.  Like one time we went to Dream World, I saw him slide alone for the first time!

Whoooa! Look at him go!  Sorry about the quality of the photos– everything happened so fast I just had to take very quick shots.  But yes, my boy made it!  Now mama’s turn? No photos. please! Haha!


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