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Fun With Cousins Part 3: Book Hunting!

One of the things the kids miss about being in the Philippines is the fun they get to be with cousins.  Before we flew back to Manila then to Bangkok, we spent a few days in Davao where hubby and I got to bond with my brother and his family.

Here are some stolen photos I took of the kids inside National Bookstore, Lanang Premier.  I love how the girls chatted– how they have grown to be fine young ladies!  Jah and Roi, on the other hand, were lost in their little boy’s world.

I know they will be a lot taller and wiser when they will see each other again– and I am sure the catching up will be longer and the stories more fun!

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Ice Skating!

I have always been curious about ice skating.  It looks easy when you see someone do it, and it sure looks fun!  I wondered how I would fare if I tried.  After all, I was good in roller skating (ummm, back in the ’80s! Haha!).

It was one weekend that our team decided to check out Bangkok’s newest mall, Mega Bangna.  We did not know what to expect, except that it was going to be huge.

Well, what do you know? There is an ice skating rink there, and the kids were ecstatic!  They wanted to try.  Since Roi would be needing someone to assist him, I had to skate myself. Again, I had high expectations of myself, the used-to-be good roller skater. LOL! :)

Mega Bangna Mall-- the back portion connects with IKEA
I think I'm ready!
The rink awaits.. let's do it!
Co-homeschooler Zoe helping Roi balance
I had to rent this penguin stand (if that's what you call it) to help Roi get a good balance.
Pretty sisters Naomi and Zoe enjoying themselves. They are homeschooled with our kids

To be honest, I didn’t think I enjoyed that ice skating experience.  Truth be told, it’s not as easy and fun as it looks!  It would have been easier if I did roller blades rather than roller skates.  I fell on my behind twice, and my ego and pride fell with me. Haha!  Roi was so scared to move without me, and he kept falling himself.  If I were to suggest to the management of that ice skating rink, it would be best if there was a guide or a teacher for beginners like us.  It was hard to be with other seasoned skaters out there.  I would not mind paying a hundred baht at least for a person to take care of Roi and me while we practice.

So am I going to do it again?  Hmmm, not sure. Maybe I would rather sit on a bench somewhere with a good book! (Wait, am I sourgraping here?)

Yep, I guess I am! :)

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Roi’s Toys

For my non-Filipino friends, you must be familiar with having godparents.  Like any other culture, we carefully choose who who the godparents of our kids would be.  Since we are surrounded by beautiful people at church, we choose around 20 people for Ria (that’s a lot, I know! LOL!) — and just 6 people for Roi.

Before we came to Thailand (in 2009) we were teaching this beautiful Swiss-German couple our language.  We have developed this special bond with them, and they are among those people that we dearly miss.  Thanks to the advancements of technology, we still feel like we are not really that far from each other since we look at each other’s photos on facebook, we email, etc.

Anyways, when we got home to the Philippines, we enjoyed a special meal with them at Jollibee and guess what?  Ninong HJ and Ninang Beth gave Roi money for his toys! Yay!

The Wagners:  Hansjorg, Simeo, Johanna, Elisabeth and Joel

So!  Here are photos of the toys Roi chose for himself.  After what seemed to be like forever, he finally chose this Lego set.


Those little red cars are a complete collection from Shell! :)

With Ate Ria and Papa’s help, Roi was able to assemble his Lego.  It’s playtime!

Thank you so much Ninong HJ and Ninang Beth!  We miss you and please do come visit us in Thailand soon!