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Finally, a Washing Machine!

We have been doing our laundry at my mom’s house since we got here. She has an automatic washing machine which we really like but the thing is, it’s not very convenient for us to bring our soiled clothes there and bring them back to our house when they’re washed.

So finally after four months of being here, we finally got our own automatic washing machine! However, there could be problems with water supply where we live as the water supply runs out at noontime until about three in the afternoon. I also noticed that we don’t have water supply at midnight. I was thinking if it’s a good idea to purchase a water pump at commercial pumps at

I am sure having a pump is an extra expense but I think it is worth it because then, we won’t be having problems with on and off water supply anymore.

My Dream Kitchen

I am not a very “kitchen” person– that’s a confession.  But of course, since I am a wife and mom, I have to cook and even bake.  Not that I detest doing it– but I have some other favorite household chores that I prefer to cooking.

But just because I am not very fond of cooking does not mean that I don’t have a dream kitchen.  I actually do, just like any other mom!  I particularly dream of having  kitchen countertops minneapolis in my sink.  From what I read, marble countertops would be a very wise choice.  It has beautiful designs and brilliant color choices, not to mention that marble would surely stand the test of time.  Of course, it is more expected to be more expensive than the other countertops available in the market but since it is long lasting and durable, it could actually spare you from repair costs in the long run.


Marbles are stones with very unique colors and hues.  In fact, it would be very difficult to find one marble with the exact same hue as another.  It is fire and heat  resistant, which is a very important characteristic that sets it apart from other countertop materials.  Because marble is one strong stone, it makes marble kitchen countertops highly resistant to scratches and breakage.

Next to granite, quartz and marble are also among the most popular choices for kitchen countertops.

Today and tomorrow’s Smart TVs

It’s pretty widely agreed that so-called Smart TVs are the future of viewing. There’s been a massive push around 3DTVs at Appliances Direct in the UK; especially in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games; but the inherent problems with 3D televisions (potential for inducing headaches; astronomical cost of the television set and subscriptions that must be purchased to gain access to any actual 3D TV channels) have meant that the media are looking for the “next big thing” after 3D, even though it’s not fully taken off yet.

The thing is, what makes a TV 3D is pretty obvious – what makes one smart could easily be just a matter of opinion, right? There are some features that all Smart TVs have in common though, but different manufacturers definitely have different ideas about what those features should be; over at Tech Crunch they spoke to the major manufacturers about what constitutes a Smart TV, and what the likes of Samsung and Sony see in the future for Smart TV.


Some critics have argued that the term “smart” doesn’t accurately reflect what these TVs are capable of; sure, they’re capable of connecting you to more services than ever before, not only giving you a wider variety of choice when it comes to viewing options, but also connecting you to a variety of social networking services and making the whole viewing experience a little more social.

What the future holds for Smart TVs that will soon be found at Appliances Direct is a much greater interaction with your TV itself; based on your viewing habits, your TV will be able to suggest new programmes to you that it “thinks” you will enjoy, and will be able to perform functions such as reminding you when a programmes is about to start, and even recording programmes that you usually watch and haven’t turned on.