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I miss driving!

Yep, that’s me.  18 months ago.  Can you believe it? It has been that long since I was behind the steering wheel driving.  This was taken when I went home to the Philippines yes, I told you already…  18 months ago.

I could actually drive here in Bangkok, too… except that I am not  that confident.  I don’t know when exactly will I be able to muster enough guts to drive in this bustling city.  Oh, maybe I could drive in the countryside.

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to drive a Recreational vehicle (RV)? It must be fun to drive/ride on one.  I mean it’s like a mobile house where you could actually stop wherever and whenever you want.  All you need is in that thing, so no need to check in and out of hotels, which could really cut down on costs.

Of course one of the challenges about driving an RV would be having some engine problems while you are traveling.  In some countries where RVs are really common, medical air evacuation will be of assistance in case an emergency happens.  I have not heard of RVs for sale here in Thailand yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long ’til I see one.

I can only wish that our family could  ride on an RV on our next holiday trip!