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Guitar Picks for Hubby

Hubby has been playing the guitar in church since he was 16– which means that he has been a musician for more than half his life! It would not be surprising to find guitar picks inside his wallet and pockets. I had to see to it that they had to be taken out before I do the laundry.

I was thinking, maybe a set of custom guitar picks from musicians friend would be a perfect gift for him on his birthday. His big day is actually a few weeks away and if I have to have one of these custom-made and personalized picks as a present, I have to order now!

Just in case they don’t make it on time for his birthday, I am actually thinking of other options. Which reminds me, I still have not brought him a tool box. It has been his long-time wish to have one so maybe this year he needs to have it!

Blog Photo Challenge#29: Precious Christmas Blessings

This post is obviously long overdue, but like they say, it’s better late than never, right? Last Christmas Ria received gifts from her Ninong and Ninang (godparents) Mark and Vine Grossnickle who are based in Maryland, USA. Ria was so excited to open her package: a purple Bible and journal!

 photo BIBLE1_zps254a2b32.jpg
Ria’s purple Bible
 photo BIBLE2_zps7c223624.jpg
Look! It has her name on the cover!


 photo BIBLE4_zpsbb583373.jpg
Purple journal where she could write down her thoughts and prayers
 photo BIBLE5_zpsaea2514b.jpg
The gifts came with this card with a beautiful verse
 photo BIBLE6_zps87804314.jpg
The message in the card is just precious!

We praise God for you, Mark and Vine who thought of blessing Ria with these precious gifts. We know that the Word of God would mold Ria into the woman God wants her to be– and you will always be a part of that journey.

Blog Photo Challenge#19: Lightsaber Swords

Roi turned 7 while we were on a trip a few months ago and at that time, he was so into Starwars.  We asked him what he’d like for a gift, and he said he would like to have lightsaber swords.  We tried to look for one in the nearest mall, but we could not find any. I tried to search on ebay, and I found a pair of lightsaber swords– the ones he really liked! I think I paid 30 USD for the pair including the shipping.

I don’t normally buy items from ebay especially that we are not based in the US. I have heard of so many stories of items being lost during shipment, or that they come really late, like months after. I took the risk, anyway. One month has passed and we were so worried about our package. It took 6 weeks to get here!

 photo cyber1_zpscc7b2693.jpg

 photo cyber2_zps80f1c10c.jpg
Colors change when you press a button in the handle, and they produce a sound that’s so irritating– brrrnggg… inkk! inkkk! :)

I am glad that Roi got his lightsaber swords– not so on time, but at least he got what he wanted for his 7th birthday!