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Blog Photo Challenge#20: Pinwheel Cookies

Ria really loves to bake and to be honest, it’s hard to keep up with her! Today was a lazy Saturday– it was pouring and aside from ironing the clothes, I was in the mood for baking. We looked for something simple, and we found a recipe for pinwheel cookies.

Taa-daah!   Fresh from the oven!  I hope to post the recipe in our food blog soon! It’s really simple and baking time just takes 15 minutes.

 photo pinwheel_zps55b726e7.jpg

They are as yummy as they look. Once again, Ria the chef did a good job!

Giving in to the cravings

Being a trying hard health buff that I am, I try to have a light meal for  dinner.  But since I am also an owl who sleeps really late, I could not help but be hungry in the middle of the night.  Poor hubby who’s trying to have enough hours of sleep would often go down with me to get something to eat. :)  What can I do?  I can’t sleep with a grumbling tummy.  Somehow I must give in to my cravings!

Now there are food chains here in Bangkok that have excellent house delivery services– fast and efficient but I am pretty sure that they have a time limit for their deliveries.  Many times I wish I could start ordering online! Imagine the comforts technology has brought us– there are sites available for us to choose from our favorite delivery restaurants and food chains so that all we have to do is to look at one site and you can have all the choices to choose from:  from restaurants to menus and prices!  Amazing, isn’t it?

I should try to search if there’s a site similar to this here in Bangkok.  We’ll never know when my cravings will strike… and yes, sometimes it’s just ok to give in and indulge!


Our Baking Adventures

Those who have read about my post about me buying an oven have been asking how we are doing with our baking adventures.  Well, Ria and I are newbies here — and just like anyone who is just starting to bake, we have had our share of epic fails but everytime we mix those ingredients together, put them in the oven and wait for its outcome is always a fun mom-daughter bonding moment.

I just would like to share some photos of what we have baked so far.

Cupcakes-- Ria was very creative she decorated most of these. Thery're all pretty, aren't they? I these lack baking powder because they did not "grow" as they should. :)
Chocolate chip cookies
Egg pie

Lately, though,  I have been baking alone since Ria has been very occupied with some Christian comic books friends bought her.  I am glad that she is into reading, because it’s a very good habit to develop especially at her age.  She has always wanted to bake  so I am just happy that we have this oven for her to develop this skill as well.

Waiting for whatever it is that I’m baking could be boring so I see to it that I busy myself with other chores or sometimes, I just enjoy a short nap.  I read from a friend’s post that playing online games could be fun so I got curious about it.  I have always enjoyed playing poker with friends and family back home,but I really have not played it online yet.  It should be exciting to do it with players from different parts of the world, plus it’s faster, less boring and I can have so much fun in half an hour or so while waiting for my cookies or cakes to bake.  Plus,  I am sure the fun would even be doubled if I won!  Playing online games could be a perfect de-stressor for a busy mom like me, so I guess it would be a good idea to give it a try!  Of course, I have to have an alarm clock set for the time my cake/ cookies  to be taken out of the oven lest I serve my family with burnt goodies just because I was so engrossed in my game! :)