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3 Steps to Teaching Your Kids Better Home Safety

There is often a fine line between teaching your kids important safety and security lessons but doing so without unduly scaring or frightening them too much at the same time.

June and Home Safety

It is vital that all kids who are at an age of good comprehension have a basic understanding about who or what presents a potential danger to them, even when they are in their home environment.

Here are three cornerstones of home safety to teach your kids.

Stranger danger

 As adults, we know that not every person we encounter is friendly or trustworthy and we can exercise our judgement accordingly, but kids need to be taught how to handle encounters with strangers and how to recognize warning signs.

Your child needs to understand what a stranger is, explaining to them that a stranger is basically anyone that their family does not know very well or at all. The vast majority of people your kids will encounter will of course be friendly towards them and mean them no harm, but they also have to understand that if someone comes to the door, they should not be allowed in without Mom or Dad’s permission.

You can explain to them about figures of authority who should be considered trustworthy such as Police officers and Firefighters but teach them to have the confidence to deal with a potentially dangerous encounter by giving them a set of rules to work with, such as not answering the door if they are not sure who is calling and if their parents are not around at the time.

If you have a home alarm system fitted by a company, like the ones you can find on Home Security Providers, and if it is a monitored system, you can show them how to use the panic alarm if they think that they are in danger or they need to get help and you are not within shouting distance.

Basic home safety lessons

 The level of safety advice that you pass on to your kids will of course vary and be constantly updated according to their age. Make sure that the youngest kids in the house have a good understanding of why it is important to keep away from the medicine cabinet and why the stove is so dangerous when there is food being cooked.

As a parent, you can also look to make their home environment as safe and secure as possible by making sure that windows have locks on them and that any pool or water feature in the garden is securely fenced off and can only be accessed when you are around.

Teaching a safety drill

 Most work environments have a safety drill and evacuation plan that staff have to be familiar with and this is often practiced regularly so that in the event of a real emergency everyone will know what to do. You should adopt the same principle in the home and teach your kids an emergency drill so they know where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency.

You can often turn this into a fun game for the younger kids and having a plan helps to reduce the level of panic in a real emergency situation and increases your chances of getting out of danger safely.

Kids always want to feel safe and secure in their own home and if you teach them how to stay safe and still have fun, then it will make for greater peace of mind for you as a parent too.


Edward Barrington is a home safety expert. He loves writing about how to keep houses safer from threats on family blogs. 

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Why Theme Parks Are Great for Families

Who does not love going to theme parks? For a scaredy-cat like me, I honestly would rather go shopping. But since the kids love to go to theme parks, do I have a choice? But to be honest, everytime we make a trip to the theme parks (we have gone to Bangkok’s two largest theme parks) and two more in Manila, I find that going to theme parks has a lot of advantages for the family.

 photo starcitycollage_zps5467c440.jpg


So why go to theme parks?

1.  It teaches the kids the value of waiting

Everybody lines up for their turn in theme parks.  “Patience is a virtue,”  they say– and it is best tested when you wait in line in order to have fun. Great for both kids and adults, right?

2.  It is a great place to bond

Yes, you go to theme parks to bond and have fun.  You scream and laugh together.  You get out of the park all smiles… it has been one fun day!

3. It teaches kids (and adults) to face their fears

I mentioned that I am a scaredy-cat but I had to ride “Vikings” to be with Ria.  She had fun, while I was close to throwing up. 😀  But yes, it did teach me to face my fear head on.  And I funny I had to learn how to do that whenever I saw Ria smiling, with no hint of fear in her eyes!

So the next time you plan on a family bonding, you could always make the theme park as one of your choices.  Unless of course you want peace and quiet– you could always opt to go to the gym or enjoy a quiet, uninterrupted family time at the park.

Finally, A New Haven!

In my other post I shared about some tips in choosing the right house to purchase or rent.  Our family had been in search for a house to rent for about three weeks already.  We wanted to settle in a house that’s affordable with three bedrooms for 3,500 Php (83 USD) but the thing is, this housing subdivision has been severely affected by flooding a year ago.  Although we could always take the risk, we can’t avoid worrying about the possibility of being flooded again especially in this rainy season.

We came across this house about two weeks ago:

 photo house_zps243ce4e4.jpg

The owner of this house is out of the country and is willing to have this house rented at 6,000 Php (150 USD).  We instantly loved it because of its safe neighborhood, beautiful garden and when we got inside, we were even more surprised because it’s already furnished!! Not only are we provided with furniture but we could even use their blender, microwave oven, stove, etc.

However, it took us time to decide because we were toying with the idea of living in a cheaper house.  But just the other day, we already called the one taking charge of this house that we have decided to rent it by next week.

I will be posting photos of the interior as soon as we’ve moved!

Thank God for this new haven!