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Ria Turns 12!

Inasmuch as we wanted to give her a proper 12th birthday party, Ria’ big day happened to be our travel day from Makati to Cavite last Saturday. Although we already went to Star City two days before her birthday, I still wanted her to remember how special it was to blow a cake or have balloons so I asked a friend in Cavite, Des, to buy a cake for us.

But it turned out that Des did not want to surprise just Ria but all of us– we were expecting to stay in a room at the church but she and two other friends decided to book a hotel room for us for one night!


 photo riasbday1_zps317f33d7.jpg
Surprise! Balloons, a birthday poster, a cake and some goodies awaited us in our hotel room!
 photo riasbday2_zps0250a2e7.jpg
Our 12-year old princess wearing her tiara
 photo riasbday3_zps05e37392.jpg
The cake– they thought her name was Rai. :)
 photo riasbday4_zpsa1c14804.jpg
Our latest family photo!
 photo riasbday5_zps80dc59b6.jpg
With Des and Abhie. Thank you for the surprise, ladies!
 photo riasbday6_zpsf0fe01d6.jpg
With Sandre, Joey’s former student who gladly drove us to Cavite

It was indeed a memorable birthday for Ria.  She is a growing girl, a true gift and we are so blessed to have her.  It was a day of thanksgiving for us– for the gift of life, for our kids and yes, for friends who are also our family wherever we are.

Happy 12th Birthday, Ria.  Love you to the moon and back!


Fun at the Park!

When friends and family come to visit us in Bangkok, we always see to it that we’d take them to King’s Park. Going to a park, for me, is a lot more fun plus it’s less expensive compared to going around malls and shopping centers.


 photo kp4_zps94941360.jpg
Peace and quiet.. and we had loads of fun feeding the birds!


 photo KP3_zpse9a72191.jpg
All smiles– it’s such a perfect place to get away from the bustling city!


 photo Kp5_zps9ae531a6.jpg
The place is so huge we decided to rent this tram for 9 USD. This took us to a 30-minute ride around the huge park


 photo kp6_zpsd7c2251b.jpg
All aboard!


 photo kpcollage_zps8069342a.jpg
It’s such a beautiful afternoon to ride on one of these pedal boats– err swans!


 photo KPplay_zpsf762b5f1.jpg
The kids and our guest, Chem enjoyed the swings. Ria also got to try the hoola-hoop

Suan Luang Rama IX Park is the largest public park in Bangkok and is located in the Bang Na area. A good distance away from any BTS or MRT station, this tranquil and peaceful park is the perfect spot for those that wish to get away from the tourists and forget that you’re in a big city for a few hours.
The park was created to celebrate the 60th Birthday of His Majesty the King in 1987 and there is a museum in the park dedicated to his work.


Fun With Cousins Part 3: Book Hunting!

One of the things the kids miss about being in the Philippines is the fun they get to be with cousins.  Before we flew back to Manila then to Bangkok, we spent a few days in Davao where hubby and I got to bond with my brother and his family.

Here are some stolen photos I took of the kids inside National Bookstore, Lanang Premier.  I love how the girls chatted– how they have grown to be fine young ladies!  Jah and Roi, on the other hand, were lost in their little boy’s world.

I know they will be a lot taller and wiser when they will see each other again– and I am sure the catching up will be longer and the stories more fun!

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