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Garden Talk

My friends love keeping a neat, green garden. I must also add that aside from the greens in their garden, there are also the reds, yellows and purples of other beautiful flowers. They also see to it that there is still a tree even in their back yard. They believe that having a garden and plants refreshes the environment. And they are right. After all, plants release the oxygen that we all need.

They are also in the lookout for new plant varieties as well as other garden tools. They would check the internet every now and then about to read about reviews on certain garden equipment as well (such as reel mower reviews). They think it’s good to know what others think about a particular equipment or plant.

Planting seeds

About three weeks ago hubby and our 5-year old, Roi, planted some veggie seeds in our garden.  The funny thing is, they just had these seeds inside tiny plastic containers so we did not have a way of knowing what kind of vegetables they were. :)

My sister brought them from the Philippines when she came and she did not label them,  so they just planted them, anyway.  On the photo are the tiny plants growing.  You can imagine the excitement on our boy’s face when he saw these little greens growing on the garden!  Those orange flowers are from the tree.

I’m a bit sad that we will be leaving this house by the end of next month… and that Roi could not see his veggies grow.






Mushrooms for you!

Now after three months of having our very own “mushroom garden”, we are still harvesting practically everyday! What a great blessing this is. The kids love mushrooms, plus it is a very rich source of protein. Maybe when he grows up he will still like to eat healthy foods and look into classes from

Roi showing off his newly harvested mushrooms!  Sorry he is still in his pj’s… the mushrooms are the first thing they want to check when they wake up in the morning!  The sight of them would really make them so excited!

“Mushrooms for you, Mama!”  He said, pretending he is holding a bunch of flowers. Such a sweet boy I have!  😉


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