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Christmas carols

One of the things we miss the most about being in the Philippines is how we celebrate Christmas in our home country.  Although we can also see many Christmas decors and lights especially in malls here in Thailand, we still feel nostalgic.  There are no Christmas carols sung in streets and houses, and we miss the parties that happen almost everyday in December!

So last week some Filipino friends came together to have dinner and our homeschoolers  sang a couple of Christmas carols.  This is to raise funds for the foundations where we work at, also.


From left to right: Roi, Ria, Naomi, Zoe and James


Sorry the last part of the video had to be cut. I forgot I was supposed to pop the party popper! LOL! :)

The girls singing. Naomi is getting so good at playing her guitar!

This will be our 3rd Christmas away from home.  I still miss the Philippines everytime, but it’s ok.  I am so happy that this year, we are finally together as a family.  The kids were in our home country last year while hubby and I were here in Thailand for our Thai studies.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Christmas is in the air!

Christmas is undoubtedly one of my favorite holidays.  From the country where I am from, it  is celebrated over a long period of time– as early as September, you would hear Christmas carols played on radios and it would not be surprising to find Christmas lights and trees in houses, malls, offices and stores!  There’s something different about Christmas that I can’t quite explain, and I just love every minute of it.

I love Christmas shopping, especially.  The biggest sales are usually on or before the holidays, and nothing compares to the sheer joy of  finding great deals!  It would be quite stressful for some people who hate the hustle and bustle, but I  don’t mind blending in the crowd of shoppers so it’s fine with me.

The White company offers a great deal of Christmas items– from those sparkling decors you put on your tree, to the Christmas candles, candles holders and even the best Christmas crackers you and your family would surely enjoy!

I should do my Christmas shopping list soon.  Some might think it’s too early to do so, but time really flies fast it would here before we even know it. And yes, it’s also time to bring out those old decors I’ve kept in those boxes!  Now I can’t help but be excited as I write this post.  Are you?

Remembering Christmas 2011:  Ria playing Christmas songs with her violin.