Beating the heat

“Hot and humid” are two words that describe Thailand.  I am not complaining– just saying. :)

I don’t easily get thirsty, but I seem to be drinking lots of water here than when I was in our home country.  Just to be out in the sun for a few minutes could be so draining, that’s why it would not be surprising to find people bringing water with them in their bags.

It would be helpful also to have a pair of sunglasses to beat the heat.  Getting those cheap ones could really cause headache, so it pays to invest in good quality ones. Maui Jim Sunglasses really has chic and cool designs, and there’s no question about its quality. So am I getting a pair soon? I’ll try to save up for it, that’s for sure!

Maui Jim Atoll H220-10 Sunglasses
Maui Jim Atoll H220-10 Sunglasses- credits to for the image


Pursuing a degree online

With the advent of technology, one can easily get a degree with online education. This is probably one of the greatest things the internet has given us:  an opportunity to get a degree in known universities in the world without having to be actually there ourselves.

Isn’t it great that even ordinary stay-at-home moms could have equal opportunities with other people?

Hubby has been thinking and desiring of getting an online degree lately.  He has been searching for possibilities.  Of course this doesn’t have to be right now because we still have to raise funds for it.

He wants to pursue a Master’s degree on Education.  I am not sure if he’s going to be interested in Online criminal justice degrees— but it sure does sound interesting, doesn’t it?


@credits to google for the photo