Starting a new hobby

Just recently we met this guy who has been collecting Coca Cola stuff for years now.  We were so much in awe at how he was so passionate about collecting Coke memorabilia– and even makes good business out of it!  In fact during his visit here in Thailand he was also able to meet up with a Coke collector like himself and was able to trade Coke stuff with him.

This made hubby think about starting to collect something for a hobby.  I have been collecting postcards for the last few months, and Ria has started to collect coins from different countries.  Maybe hubby can join Ria in her collection.  Just an idea.

I don’t know if they would come to a point of buying cheap silver dollars like most coin collectors do. Maybe a few years down the road but for now, they could start collecting. Starting a hobby is fun!

What stuff do you collect?


@credits to google for the photo