How to keep children entertained at weddings

Children have a shorter concentration span than adults and so attending events where they are expected to be quiet and on their best behaviour for long periods of time can be quite difficult for them.  A wedding can make for a very long day for a child of any age and now family families try to cater for this when planning their wedding.

Put together an activity pack:

Wedding receptions tend to last for a good couple of hours and children can become incredibly bored sitting down between courses. Putting together an activity pack and placing one where each child is going to sit is a good way to keep them entertained. They will feel very excited at this unexpected present and be engrossed in opening it and looking through its contents. Fill it with things like crayons, pictures to colour, little toys, books, magazines and even some sweets. If you are a bride with a lot of young relatives attending then you could make some boy and girl themed packs and pop them on the children’s chairs when you are setting up your venue the day before the wedding.

Arrange a children’s table:

Obviously children under a certain age will have to remain with their parents. Older children, from the age of 6 or 7 upwards, could be allocated their own table as this will make them feel very special. You could fill the table with lots of goodies to keep them entertained during the wedding breakfast. Try and get a couple of older children to sit on the table to (13+ year olds) as they will enjoy feeling grown up and looking after the younger ones at the table. Alternatively, if you have a relative who particularly loves to spend time with children, then ask them if they would mind sitting at that table.

Organise a crèche:

It is not unusual for a wedding venue to have a dedicated children’s area. Whether this in an outdoor play area or an indoor crèche. Many will give you the opportunity of using these facilities so that the children have a good day too.  There are a number of ways that you could man the crèche. The first being to pay for qualified crèche staff if your budget stretches that far. Secondly you could put all the parents on a revolving rota. If each one watches the children for half an hour then they probably will only have one watch and each parent will get a nice rest.

Bio: Vicky works in events with The City Rooms who are an Asian Wedding Venue.

Baby Name Themes

Deciding on a name for your child can be a very hard decision.  You will probably start thinking about it as soon as you know you are pregnant and the discussions with your spouse will carry right through your pregnancy. Some couples have very similar tastes in baby names and this therefore makes it much easier to decide. However, if one of you wants a modern and unique name whilst the other is in favour of something classic then it can be extremely difficult to come to a decision that both of you are happy with. It is a good idea to expose yourself to as many names as possible and therefore broaden your choice.  This way you are much more likely to hit on something that is agreeable to both of you.  Here are some of the top places people look to when choosing a name for their child.

Celebrity Culture:

Celebrities have long been trend setting when it comes to baby names.  Firstly many parents choose to name their child after a celebrity they admire or who is popular at the time. There are many children who are now 9 or 10 years old with names like Aaliyah and Brittany as this is who their parents listened to at the time. In recent years we have seen names such as Florence and Miley become much more common thanks to the rise to fame of Florence and the Machine and Miley Cyrus. Another way that celebrities influence baby name choices is by what they choose to call their children. Posh and Becks caused a surge in the use of the name Harper, after calling their new little girl Harper Seven.


Literature has long influenced the choosing of names for new-borns. Many people have a literary character who they loved as a child or teenager and the names of these characters have lived on in their memories since.  Classic literature from the likes of Austen or the Bronte’s has given us names like Charlotte, Emma and Darcy. Shakespeare thought up names such as Jessica and Olivia. The book ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ which was recently turned in to a film gives us the name Leona and ‘Catch 22’ gives us Nathan. There is of course many names in religious writings. Biblical names such as Peter, Simon, Timothy, Isaac and Joel are still as popular as ever.

About Sam: Sam enjoys writing about all things relating to parenting. She especially likes to write articles that help parents to choose the best names for their children.

Family time at Lumpini Park

Last Sunday we went to Lumpini Park with our family friends to watch Bangkok Symphony Orchestra in concert.  The concert was for free, so we thought it would be a good exposure for our homeschoolers who are very much into music.

We were two hours early, so we took time to just enjoy the place.

Zoe and Ria feeding the birds
And the birds feasted...
Me and the kids rode on this little boat...
Off we sailed away!
Shortly after our boat ride, we joined with the crowd in watching the concert
Since we came early, we got a very good spot
We ate fruits, chips and fishballs while watching the concert. It was fun!

We were so glad we went to Lumpini that Sunday.  Watching a concert like that for free sure was a real treat!

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