Lovingly nappin’

Sometimes they could be cats and dogs...
... but definitely the loving kind!

And what heart would not melt at this sight?  Opps, before I got carried away, I had to transfer Roi to a proper bed before he falls! :)

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Picture Perfect


Roi’s Feeding Frenzy!

Roi has come to love computer games, and we are very careful that he does not spend all his time there.  We see to it that although he is still 5, he could do some household chores or develop his reading and writing skills.

The photo above is his “Feeding Frenzy” drawing.  Don’t you think it’s cute?

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Trip to Pattaya

Pattaya is a city in Thailand that is known for its beaches and tourist attractions.  Our family along with friends went there for a short holiday.  It was such an enjoyable time!

Ria and Roi enjoying the beach


Our time at Silverlake was very relaxing!


In our ride-- touring around the grape plantation was fun!


Those flowers were simply beautiful!


Roi trying to reach out and pick some grapes!

We were with another family and our kids’ teacher, but it still was a fun family time!  Click here for more of our beach photos!

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