Going green and healthy!

Our parents have visited us here in Bangkok more than two months ago.  The first thing my papa noticed was that we were not planting much vegetables on our garden.

He was impressed with my zinnias in bloom, alright.. but they had to be pulled out. Goodbye, flowers! Hello, veggies!  “No matter what happens, you will have food to eat,” he said.  That was very wise.  I am so grateful to him and my mom.  Look at them work!
Actually I have already planted this green leafy vegetable when we moved here– it is happily going up the tree!
This  lady fingers veggie which we call “okra” in our native tongue has been planted by my sister when she came.
Ops! I think we will have okra for breakfast in two days?
This sweet potato has also been planted by my sister when she visited us before our parents’ visit, but they had to be transplanted.  Papa thinks they are not getting enough sunlight. Now they are as healthy as ever!
These tomatoes have been planted by my parents.  Both hubby and I did not know that we had to boil water and pour it on the soil before planting tomatoes.  No wonder it has been impossible to grow them.  We missed this very important procedure.  I can’t wait ’til we will harvest our own tomatoes from our garden!
Just a little trivia:  this type of lemon that we use to make lemonade in the Philippines is actually an ornamental plant here in Thailand.  They grow it on pots and display them inside their houses!  I bought this from the ornamental plant shop so that we could have lemonade anytime.  Papa thinks we could save a lot if we don’t have to buy that kind of juice in packs.
More green leafy veggies! (Malabar night shade and Water spinach)

Our lunch for today! Monggo beans with the green leafy veggies from our garden.  Yes, we are going green… and healthy!  We have to buy one of those composters so that we could make a compost out of the leaves that we rake from our little garden!

Roi’s many career choices

He is still 5, but it seems to me like Roi is having a hard time choosing a career when he grows up. He is sure about one thing , though… that when he’s old enough he is going to get married to a girl named Mariella.  This really cracks us up!

Anyways, Roi wants to be so many things.  He wants to be a construction worker.

So that explains the hard hat... and that serious expression?
He wants to be an engineer-- the ones that make planes!
He also wants to be a farmboy... one that rides on wheelbarrows!
Tired of all of all these choices...I don't want to grow up! Haha!

I really don’t mind if he would end up in one of those Healthcare Aides Jobs… for now it’s not one of his choices but I guess it’s too early to tell what he really wants!

Being Too Small

© Kirsty M. Brooks
As I watch you play,
I see in your eyes
The impatience of being too small.
Always wanting to be bigger,
Having what the other kids have.
Enjoy these times of being too small…
Having someone to give you a hand,
To pick you up when you fall.
Because before too long,
These days will be gone.
And all you’ll have are the
Memories of being too small.

Source: www.familyfriendspoems.com

He raised his hand…

Last Sunday we went to a Thai church with another family.  Since most of the adults could understand Thai (or at least trying to! Ha!)  most of us did not use the headphones provided for those who need interpretation.

The kids had to use theirs,  and I was pleasantly surprised to find Roi behaving so well beside me.

When the service was almost done, the preacher challenged the congregation– whoever it is that needed to accept Jesus into their hearts to raise their hands.  I was amazed to see one little hand raised: Roi’s!  I forgot he had an interpreter, I thought he raised his hands understanding what the Pastor said in Thai.

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing your kids choose Christ in their lives!(image from www.kidscanheal.org)

I thought it was so cute, I hugged him and asked him if he understood what he was doing.  ” I want to accept Jesus into my life,” he whispered. Then he closed his eyes in prayer.

Awww… that was just awesome.  A mom like me could not ask for anything more.