Christmas is in the air!

Christmas is undoubtedly one of my favorite holidays.  From the country where I am from, it  is celebrated over a long period of time– as early as September, you would hear Christmas carols played on radios and it would not be surprising to find Christmas lights and trees in houses, malls, offices and stores!  There’s something different about Christmas that I can’t quite explain, and I just love every minute of it.

I love Christmas shopping, especially.  The biggest sales are usually on or before the holidays, and nothing compares to the sheer joy of  finding great deals!  It would be quite stressful for some people who hate the hustle and bustle, but I  don’t mind blending in the crowd of shoppers so it’s fine with me.

The White company offers a great deal of Christmas items– from those sparkling decors you put on your tree, to the Christmas candles, candles holders and even the best Christmas crackers you and your family would surely enjoy!

I should do my Christmas shopping list soon.  Some might think it’s too early to do so, but time really flies fast it would here before we even know it. And yes, it’s also time to bring out those old decors I’ve kept in those boxes!  Now I can’t help but be excited as I write this post.  Are you?

Remembering Christmas 2011:  Ria playing Christmas songs with her violin.


Christmas presents!

Who does not want Christmas presents? I believe they make the holidays more memorable and worth looking forward to. I remember the excitement I used to feel as a child when I see gifts under the tree, waiting to be opened. In our home country Christmas is celebrated quite early. At this time of the year, for example, you could hear Christmas carols being played in houses, stores and malls already. Practically the whole month of December would be spent on parties, literally! One day would be spent for a school party, another would be for church friends, another day with family, so you would never really run out of food as long as you’d have these invitations. So it really pays to have good friends from all over! :)

So back to the gifts…. I think most of my younger friends would prefer gifts from twilight merchandise. I mean, with all these twilight craze going on, I am sure they would be so proud to wear a twilight shirt or carry a twilight bag!  I am so impressed at the  huge selection of t-shirts to choose from, for different ages and sizes!  Of course for my not-so-young friends who are also into the Twilight craze, I am sure I could find something interesting for them as well.

It’s amazing how online shopping has provided so much convenience to busy moms like me who want to find interesting Christmas presents as early as now.  Of course I would not be doing my shopping this soon, but at least I have already found sites with interesting gift choices!

How about you?  Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Just how flood-ready are we?

And so the flooding in our city continues.  But no, we are not flooded yet.  As to when it is supposed to happen, I have no idea.  Just the same, we want to be ready as much as we can.  Here’s how ready we are!

The fridge has gone up… notice we have water supply, too.  Not that much but we still have in any available pitcher and plastic container we have.

The washing machine has found its place, too.  It has been there for almost two weeks now.  We can still use it for the meantime.

The sofa, bookshelf, violin and guitar are perfect where they are… the books are upstairs.

Art materials, boxes, the kids’ bookshelves, throw pillows, all in this corner of the house.  Please don’t ask me where the coupon bonds, scissors, masking tapes are… if you really want it, dig for it!

When we lifted those things up to higher grounds, I wished we had one of those  material handling equipment.  It would have made the job a lot easier.

Sandbags are from our landlady.  Bless her heart!  Each bag costs 40 THB– she ordered 30. These were delivered to our house yesterday.

For now our street is completely dry, and there is no sign of a flood anywhere near our area.  But who knows what will happen in the coming days?  Someone said it’s better to be prepared than be sorry after.  So yes, I guess we are flood-ready.  I hope.