Casting Crowns: Our newest favorite!

Since Ria is learning violin and dreams to travel around the world with an orchestra she plays the instrument with, it was very encouraging for her to see this video of the Casting Crowns:

Isn’t it beautiful? I could close my eyes and my heart dances. I love it. The fiddler is Melodee De Vevo and the guitarist is her hubby, Juan. Hmmm, Ria marrying a musician like him is also one of my dreams. Haha! I guess I am just happy I have a hubby that plays musical instruments I would also be more than happy that my kids would end up with musically inclined partners. But of course that is my dream, and not necessarily God’s dream for them. So God, the match-maker… Let your will be done!

You can visit Melodee’s blog here, by the way!

Roi has also fallen in love with Casting Crowns. He loves this song in particular:

This song has great lyrics… I love it too! I am happy both our kids are musical. I can’t help but dream how they would grow professionally as musicians. But then again, that’s my dream. More than anything, I want God to be seen and glorified in their lives.

Let’s get physical!

Our homeschoolers love Fridays.  Either they could get to swim at the pool or in last Friday’s case, we went to the King’s Park to exercise there.  Then of course we explored the place a bit more.  Here are photos of us getting physical!

That’s Ria wearing her white shorts.  The other girl is Naomi, another homeschooler.
That’s Roi wearing green and his friend and school mate, James.  Aren’t they cute?
And this is me with hubby trying so hard to get those abs (in our dreams! ha!)

Roi and pop…

Me and the hubbs…
Roi trying on that thing that gives you a nice massage at the back.
So it was one healthy Friday– and fun too, of course.  See our photos riding the swan pedal boats here!


Fun with Malunggay

One of the things that really surprised me here in Thailand is that malunggay (Moringa oleifera) is not eaten but are just displayed in homes like any other ornamental plant. Well, because we miss eating malunggay, we bought it from an ornamental plant shop. Pretty soon we found our tree growing so tall, with lots of leaves!

We decided to make malunggay tea.  Here’s hubby and the kids– oops! Did you notice something green on  hubby’s teeth?

Yipee! We’ve collected lots!
About that “green” I said earlier, it’s actually some malunggay leaves the kids and hubby stuck on their teeth!  Yep, just for FUN.
So yeah, we can always have fun anytime… even while trying to make tea!  You might like to see the nutritional value of malunggay tea here.



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