Viva Restaurant!

Our kids love to play pretend, and one of the things they like to do is to pretend that they work at a restaurant.  They call it “VIVA Restaurant”– I don’t know where they got it from, but it sure sounds festive, doesn’t it?

Today I ordered spaghetti.

Voila! My spaghetti.  The peach ones are the pasta, the red ones are the meatballs and the yellow ones are cheese! Yum!
I checked into their “kitchen” and here is what I found:  a fried egg, a piece of bacon and an orange juice.  Would you like to have some?

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Our zinnias

Today I harvested all our zinnias and placed them on this brown vase.  It seems that our zinnias have given us enough flowers everyday, and it’s time to get rid of it.  Lately it has started to wilt and this would be the last batch of flowers it has to give me.

I guess there’s a time for everything– it’s time for another set of zinnias to be planted.  Actually those that I’ve planted on pots are ready for transplant already.  Bye, zinnias.  I enjoyed the countless beautiful pinks you gave me over the past 4 months! 😉


Kids’ Day out

We went to see a swimming instructor who was to teach our home schoolers swimming next week.  We were not familiar with the place but we just drove on and followed the sketch our neighbor made.

We were amazed to discover so many new things in this community– there’s this beautiful lake!  Those houses on the other side were huge– must be owned by super rich people.  :)  So my friends and I did not waste any time.  Our cameras went a-clicking! LOL.

There was even a park.  The kids (and the kid at heart like me) wanted to stop not only to enjoy the view, but to explore the mini park.

Zoe and Ria were in pink– I learned it’s their Thursday color!
Naomi having fun!
The kids had fun at the slide.  Roi was scared at first but then James joined in. Weeee!
Group photo.  Wow, it was hard to get the boys to smile and look  at the camera!
My favorite photo of the girls!

It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to know kids spell love T-I-M-E. Playing together is great, but also is learning together. See for ideas to suit any family.


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